What needs to be done after a pilot project has been implemented to promote on-line tax declaration?

Information security pursuant to the law is most important when doing on-line tax declarations. Under the existing law, digital signatures can replace company seals for electronic documents and this is currently being piloted.

Another issue that enterprises need to pay attention to is that they have to keep electronic tax declarations as archives to prove they have already paid tax.

On-line tax declarations have changed the tax declaration process. In electronic tax transactions, people in charge must know how to verify statistics through IT applications before sending them to digital signature users and tax offices. It is essential to disseminate information to enterprises, so that they understand and feel confident enough to adopt on-line tax declaration methods.

On-line tax declarations are being piloted in four tax departments with a number of typical enterprises.

To increase the number of firms involved, the tax sector will also co-ordinate with relevant offices to ensure information security and safety. It is a top duty that the tax sector is interested in. Tax offices are also intensifying effort to complete electronic declarations.

What difficulties are enterprises facing when piloting on-line tax declaration?

It is limited understanding of concerned parties. Enterprises remain confused when filling and sending tax declaration on-line to tax offices. Another obstacle is enterprises are too passive to do on-line tax declarations. Managers of enterprises at all levels should work with tax offices to achieve higher efficiency. Costs will be cut if more enterprises take part.

Have tax offices taken the backlog of on-line tax declarations during busy periods into account?

The General Department of Taxation has already anticipated the issue and has adopted measures to solve it. It is also possible to apply experiences of other countries to decrease the backlog in the electronic tax system.

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What plan has the department taken to prepare technology and staff for on-line tax declaration procedures?

Efforts are being made to modernise technology. The department will also strengthen training. Enterprises should also study new implementation methods from different sources.

The state and enterprises should co-invest to accelerate on-line tax declarations to ensure long term benefits and increased efficiency. The department is working with digital signature providers to swiftly provide procedures to enterprises.

Is it necessary to store electronic tax declaration in paper form?

It is possible to print out the electronic tax declaration, but no amendments must be made to any of the contents of the printout.

According to Vietnam news

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