At this Circular, the Ministry of Construction regulates the subjects for applying Housing assistance’s loans: Cadres, civil servants, public employees, armed forces and persons with low income wish to borrow loans for hiring or purchase of commercial houses with area of less than 70 m2, at sale price of less than 15 million VND/ m2­­­­; enterprises being investors of projects on social house construction; enterprises being investors of projects on commercial houses converted the use purpose into projects on social houses;

within that, subjects entitled to borrow loans for hiring, purchase-hiring and purchase of social houses and subjects entitled to borrow funds for hiring, purchase of commercial houses are cadres, civil servants, public employees enjoying wage from the State budget in agencies of the Party, State, Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations, social - professional organizations; public employees in public non-business units; people’s armed forces; persons with low income are employees in non-public, non-business units, enterprises of all economic components, cooperatives that are established and operate in accordance with law; persons who quitted work according to the stipulated regimes; free laborers, persons doing individual business.

Besides, the Circular also regulates that total loan levels of bank to enterprises maximally may be 30% of the source re-financing for house assistance of the State bank of Vietnam to banks.

This Circular takes effect on June 01, 2013.

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