At this Circular, when Vietnamese and foreign organizations or individuals have proposal application to state management agencies or organizations, individuals which are assigned to issue license in the livestock-breeding by competent state agencies, they must pay fees in accordance with regulations. The specific levels are as follows: grant the permit for export and import of sperm and

germ of livestock breed is VND 120,000/once/ 01 breed; grant the permit for register of livestock feeds produced domestic in the list of livestock feeds allowed to circulate in Vietnam is VND 120,000 Once / 01 code register/01 product and so on.

Besides, the Ministry of Finance also promulgates the charges to inspect and assess on quality of consignment of export and import livestock feeds collecting by 0.095% of value of consignment (but not less than 285,000 dong, and not more than 9,500,000 dong).

This Circular takes effect on June 01, 2013.

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