According to this Circular, preferential import tax rate for some commodities increases by 2 – 3% compared with previous regulations. In particular, Polymer from styrene, primary form grain shape (heading 3903.11.10) and High impact polystyrene (HIPS) (heading 3903.19.21) owns the import tax rate of 5% (compared with 3% previously); General filament fiber (excluding sewing), unpackaged for retail, including general monofilament fiber with the slenderness under 67 decitex from elastic resin (heading 5402.44.00) and High carbon steel line covered by bronze-bronze to make steam-pump bead (bead line) (heading 7217.30.31) all have import tax rate of 3% (compared with 0% as previously). Besides, Thin cloth to make tire from high durable fiber from nylon or other polyamide, polyester or artificial silk viscous from Nylon-6 (heading 5902.10.91) shall apply the tax rate of 7% (compared with 5% as previously).

This Circular takes effect on May 19, 2013.

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