Investment consultancy services

(Investment consultancy services)

(ii) Legal advising for capital investment operation, investment co-operation with the BBC, BCC, BOT, BTO, BT, PPP, EPC, transfer projects; Investment activities through investment funds, the other financial institutions; Trust investment activities, supported consultancy the mobilization of capital and financial arrangements of the investment project;

(iii) Advising on policy, market opening roadmap, implementing provisions of Vietnam's commitments to the World Trade Organization (WTO), conditions and business sections in the opening market commitment for the investors with the benefits consultant in each project, business activities;

(iv) Advising for reviewing and completing the project documents Legal, consulting procedures and records required for each investment project: examination of legality, feasibility and content of counseling documents, documents related to the project in accordance with laws and in accordance with official practices;

(v) Legal Representative registered investment activities, support for verification projects with the most favorable conditions; Advising commercial contact, legal mobilization, negotiations and negotiating with clients’ partners, Government agencies, local offices, supervising, regular legal support for the projects;

(vi) Advising to prepare documents in order for registration/ verification to get certificates of investment; establishment of economic organizations of domestic investors, foreign investors, venture & investment foreign; consultants and analyze the obstacles and legal barriers to the provisions of law on the conditions for official approval, issuing license required by the Vietnamese authorities for project investment; proposed solution to adjust the content to achieve project approval, licensing deals with the most beneficial to the project;

(vii) Handling administrative matters of the project investment, issues of master- plan, designing evaluation, leasing, handing over and receiving investment location; issues of investment incentives, bidding, licensing, Import/ export, inspection machinery, equipment, foreign currencies, insurance, environment…

(viii) Legal advising and resolve disputes arising from investment activities; suspension and termination of projects.

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