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The first thing you should keep in mind when you perform this procedure is that land transaction must be carried at the public notary offices or private notary offices. Only transactions certified by the notary offices are valid to the competent state agencies when the clients conduct legal procedures for land use rights transfer (Land ownership transfer).

-The parties (buyers & sellers) need to take the following documents to the notary offices

+ Identification card, household registration certificate, land use right certificates of the seller (if in a spousal relationship, the selle can take a marriage certificate);

+ Identification card, household registration certificate, the buyer

- At the notary office, the land sales will be made in the contract and certified by the notary officiers. Normally the contract is made in 05 copies: 01 copy kept by the seller; 01 copy kept by the buyer; 01 copy kept by the tax authority; 01 copy kept by the housing agency and 01 copy kept by notary office.

- Registration procedures is conducted at the housing agency under People’s Committees at district and ward leval where the land is located.

- All procedures are conducted in One-door system. The clients must pay two following taxes: 1 / personal income tax and real estate registration fees. Personal income tax is applied by the competent agency and based on the land price that province/city published on 01/01 annuallly.

Translated from: Dịch vụ trước bạ sang tên nhà đất

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