Consulting and drafting a civil, economic lawsuit complaint is one of the common works of lawyers providing legal services in the field of civil procedure.

In order to draft an economic lawsuit complaint, Lawyers must be well aware of the lawsuit’s nature. Lawyers will apply legal documents such as Civil Law, Commercial Law and so on to analyze the each party’s faults during the process of consulting. In many cases, just thank for lawyer’s consultancy, the parties can understand the case’s nature and no need the Court’s adjustment any more.

Additionally, thanks for the lawyers’ timely consultancy; the parties will be clear about the case’s nature and their abused legal interests. Drafting a lawsuit complaint or requesition form of applting a temporary emergency measure will be carried out immediately by lawyers at this time.

The involvement of lawyers in the civil, economic lawsuit disputes is extremely important and necessary. With a team of experienced and professional lawyers, Minh Khue Law Firm will provide the clients with excellent services with strong commitment.

Consulting services of Minh Khue Law Firm:

- Consultancy on civil and economic law

- Legal consultancy on Procedures for civil, economic lawsuit

- Drafting and filing complaint documents

- On behalf of client to file the lawsuits to competent court.

- Consultancy on lawsuit procedures and processes

Civil lawsuits are process through which individuals, agencies, organizations or other entities file complaints to request the competent courts to protect their rights and legitimate interests or others as regulated by law.

The purpose of the lawsuits is to protect the rights and interests of individuals and organizations once their rights are abused. Firstly, clients must prepare complaints and evidence to approve that their actions are reasonable and legal as regulated by procedure law.
Under the provisions of the Civil Procedure Law, the individuals, agencies and organizations may submit their lawsuits to the competent courts to request for their legal rights and interests.

Lawsuit procedure is as follows:

-Type and contents of complaint form:

The individuals, agencies and organizations submit the complaint forms directly or via email to the competent courts.

The complaints must contain the main contents: Name of the court; name and address of the petitioner; name and address of the person with protected rights and interests (If any); name and address of the defendant ; name and address of the person with relevant rights and obligations ; Specific settlement issues, documents and evidence to prove that the complaint is resonable and legal.

- The complaint receiving procedure at Court:
All the submited complaints must be recorded in the receipt book. Within 15 working days from receiving date, if the court finds that the case is under its settlement competence, it shall assume jurisdiction. However, given that the case is under under its settlement competence, the complains will be sent to the competent court and inform the petitioner or return the complains if it is not under the counts’ settlement competence

The court will assume jurisdiction when the petitioner submits receipt of court fee advance payment. In case the petitioner is exempted or doest not have to pay the court fees, court costs, The court will assume jurisdiction after receiving the petition form and relevant evidence.

- Notification of assuming jurisdiction

Within 3 working days from the receiving, the Courts shall notify in writing to the relevant defendants, individuals, agencies and organizations and Procuracy at the same level on assuming jurisdiction. Within 15 days of receiving the notification, the recipients must submit to the courts his point of view and relevant documents, evidences (If any).

With lawyers with extensive knowledge, actual experience accumulated from the consulting activities, Minh Khue Law Firm will give the great supports to clients in the field of procedure preparation.

Consulting services of Minh Khue Law Firm includes:

- Consult the petition's basis

- Consult the petition's procedures;

- Define the court of settlement competence

- Consult to draft the petition

- Consult the petition document

- Submit the petition on behalf of client

- Take part in proceedings;

- Protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients at the legal proceeding agencies.

- Other proceeding requests

>> Translated from: Luật sư tư vấn, soạn thảo đơn khởi kiện dân sự, kinh tế