Minh Khue Law Firm provides free online legal consultancy services on pre-age retirement policy through hotline: 1900.6162. We are always ready to serve clients anytime, anywhere, every time that clients require. Clients will receive free online legal advice, but with the quality of reputable advice, quick and detailed resolution, high efficiency.
You are wondering whether you should retire before retirement age? What is the retirement age? What advantages or disadvantages will you receive when you retire before your retirement age? And if you want to retire early, is the early retirement procedure difficult? All your problems will be counseled by Minh Khue Law Firm's social insurance team and answered quickly when you connect to the call center to provide legal advice on the regime of pre-retirement online by phone: 1900.6162
In the issue of early retirement, Minh Khue Law Firm advised and answered specific issues as follows:
- Advising on the current provisions of the retirement age, the age of early retirement;
- Advice on the advantages and disadvantages of early retirement compared to the right retirement age;
- Advising on legal provisions on pre-retirement conditions;
- Advising on early retirement dossier, pre-retirement procedures;
- Advising on the provisions of the current law on how to calculate pensions when retiring early, the level of pension when retired before the age;
- Counseling on procedures and processes for health assessment when retiring early;
- Consult the order and procedures to receive pension before retirement age;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on the time to settle the retirement regime before the retirement age from the time of filing;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on pension benefits, continuing to enjoy pensions and benefits and regimes when people are entitled to pension before the age of death;
- Advising on the provisions of the law related to the retirement regime before retirement age and retirement;
- Consult the law on other social insurance regimes such as sickness regime, maternity regime, labor accident and occupational disease regime.
Lawyer advises  early retirement procedures for free and online via hotline

Counsel online for social insurance law (24/7) call: 1900.6162

2. Why is it necessary to consult an early retirement counselor through an online call center?

In a modernized society, it is relatively easy for people to communicate with each other, saving travel time, travel costs, wherever there is a telecommunications network coverage, people can be connected via phones. Therefore, to facilitate the connection to the retirement regime counselor or any social insurance regime, the provision of free online legal consultancy services through online call center is indispensable.
At the same time, for those who are old and have participated in social insurance, once they reach the retirement age according to the law, they tend to learn the law by themselves on the procedures, documents, and pension level. Not to mention the cases of workers for an objective or subjective reason that needs to learn the procedure for early retirement, how to calculate the salary when retiring early, the call to the online call center will help them to solve the obstacles surrounding their early retirement regime quickly - effectively in the most economical way.
Besides, not all employees are eligible, able to go to the lawyer directly at the office or ask a lawyer to come to the family for advice, there are not many lawyers can go to remote areas for free legal advice, so having a legal consultant, especially a lawyer for the early retirement plan is completely necessary.

3. How to connect via switchboard 1900.6162 to advise on the regime of retirement before age

In order to connect to the general legal counsel call center on the early retirement regime, clients shall take the following steps:
Step 1: Call 1900.6162
Step 2: Listen to the greeting and the guidance of the legal advice call center
Step 3: Press to select the key 6 which is corresponding to the field of Social Insurance - Pension regime
Step 4: Connect to the department of early retirement counselors
Step 5: Presenting the content, the problem you are having to consult a lawyer
Step 6: After being answered - when the consultation is completed, before the call ends, please leave a review on the quality of Minh Khue Law consulting service through automatic assessment system with the aim to ensure Best protection of benefits for clients when not satisfied with the consulting content, our customer care department will contact again to answer questions for clients.

4. Benefits when connecting to the call center 1900.6162 to consult the retirement regime before retirement age

When clients connect to the 1900.6162 call center for advice about retirement before the retirement age, the client will receive the following benefits that not any law firm, law office can provide to you:
- Accurate and detailed advice on each issue;
- Professional and experienced lawyer team with dedicated service attitude;
- Quick and effective answers, can be applied in practice to implement;
- Save travel time, as well as save travel costs;
- Flexible consulting time (24/7 all days of the week), regardless of geographical distance.

5. Some advice when connecting to call center 1900.6162 to consult the early retirement regime

- Consultation of the retirement regime call center 1900.6162 of Minh Khue Law Firm is free of charge (customers only have to pay the telephone fee in accordance with the regulations of the operator, which have been informed at the beginning of the greeting when connecting to the call center). Therefore, every day, our online legal consulting department receives thousands of calls, while our lawyers are limited, we hope our clients can sympathize for the inconvenience. If you are not immediately connected to a lawyer, please wait for a call or call back later for assistance. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of the system, as well as the quality of the online consultancy department through the call center to best serve all clients;
- The consulting contents that have been consulted by lawyers are based on the provisions of the law at the time of consulting, and have reference value, any legal issues arise after client consulting or when legal regulations change, please contact the call center 1900.6162 for advice and specific answers;
- For the most convenient way to connect to the call center of the early retirement regime of Minh Khue law firm, clients can save our hotline number to your contacts, save the shortcut to connect with our lawyers: Call 1900.6162 >> Press the 6 key or press the line of the expert who has previously consulted for you >> Connect to a counselor.
- When you need to recommend the quality of the consulting service, the attitude of the lawyer or the attitude of the consultant, please leave a message after ending the call through the automatic assessment system or please contact the phone number: 1900.6162. We always acknowledge your contributions to improve the quality of consultancy through the call center system.
- Finally, in order to not be interrupted with a consultation call, clients should check the phone battery and the account balance in order to have the best call quality.
We hope to receive cooperation from clients!
Best regards./.
Legal Department of Social Insurance - Minh Khue Law Company