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However, the more the business is expanded, the more likely it is that a dispute will have a negative impact on business performance without legal consultation. In the course of operation, enterprises may encounter disputes in the form of:

- Internal disputes between capital-contributing members on management and administration activities; investment, expansion investment, joint venture, association; Issuance of shares, shares; profit distribution; purchase; importing, dividing, separating and dissolving enterprises;

- Disputes on economic contracts;
- Disputes of commercial business contracts;
- Dispute of investment contract;
- Disputes of investment cooperation contracts;
- Disputes over business cooperation contracts;
- Disputes on capital transfer contracts;
- Disputes on contracts for purchase, sale, donation or consignment of real estate;
- Disputes on goods purchase and sale contracts;
- Disputes over labor contracts;
- Disputes of other types of contracts.
Minh Khue Law Firm with a team of lawyers and experts with extensive experience in consultancy and participating in resolving disputes in the above areas, trust and commit to contribute to help clients minimize disputes and conflicts that can occur and solve quickly, accurately and effectively to ensure the highest rights and benefits of your business to the dispute, conflicts.
The consultancy and support activities of Minh Khue Law Firm are conducted in a professional and closed process through:
- Counseling, providing legal opinions and optimal solutions for quick and effective settlement of disputes and conflicts;
- Assigning lawyers to participate in negotiations in the course of settling disputes or conflicts arising;
- Assigning lawyers to participate in litigation at the judicial agencies, commercial arbitration in order to protect the highest rights and legitimate interests of your business.

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