Lawyer in business area and resolving disputes

( Lawyer in business area and resolving disputes)

(ii) Legal representation lawyer to arrange, negotiate, mediation, disputes resolution within the organization and activities of enterprises such as investing, trading, internal disputation, shareholder disputations.

(iii) Legal advice, research and analysis of disputes to find out legal advantages and disadvantages; threat and risk; planning strategy, roadmap and measures for settlement of disputes; apply a certain necessary measures before the settlement of disputes;

(iv) Providing service of representative Lawyers to protect interests of enterprises and participate in court or arbitration proceedings; representatives as mediator; participate in negotiations, mediation and settlement of disputes outside litigation, specially proceedings of investment business Disputes need strict management of complex situations related to requests from many objects and participation of many parties;

(v) Providing service of representative Lawyers did support or implementation of court decisions, arbitration decisions, as well as the State authorized agencies

(vi) Providing service of regular or ad-hook representative Lawyers; Consult Lawyers and implement requirements from legal System of enterprises


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