1. Why is it necessary to have a lawyer to join the defense of the accused or defendant?

In addition to connecting with lawyers or experts with experience in legal consultancy activities to consult and answer legal problems arising, clients need a lawyer to participate in the defense for the accused for the following reasons:
- Lawyer is a highly specialized person, especially with a lot of experience when participating in litigation, protecting legal rights and interests for defendants or accused in criminal cases, lawyers are always the ones who understand clearly the provisions of law from which to make objective assessments and judgments, based on the provisions of the law, the lawyer will have appropriate orientations and advice for each accused as well as those who are close to the accused.
- Completely resolving the legal problems that clients want, saving travel time, other unnecessary expenses for clients, implementing package procedures for clients, working with proceeding agencies, competent state agencies to collect documents and evidence to prove, protect the legal rights and obligations for accused and defendants, and ensure rights and obligations of the accused and defendants shall be performed correctly, sufficiently and accurately according to the provisions of law.
- Lawyers participating in protecting legitimate rights and interests of accused and defendants always bring the highest benefits to accused and defendants, achieving high legal efficiency in the process of participating in settling Criminal cases in accordance with the law.
Although, we can understand that not all individuals have the ability and conditions to invite lawyers to defend the accused and defendants. But do not hesitate, contact the lawyer immediately when you need advice, the lawyer can advise you on the basic issues to note, as well as instructions for you to understand the criminal procedures for a criminal case at competent state agencies. In some cases, if you or your relative - who is in trouble, may be subject to a criminal case and those who are required to get legal aid, you do not have to pay the service cost, a lawyer will defend, protect your rights and interests best without paying any fees.

2. Attorney service involved in the period of custody, prosecution, investigation

First of all, for this period, depending on each case, conditions and circumstances of each accused, clients can simply contact the lawyer via hotline 1900.6162 for quick legal support, saving and achieving the best results. Through consulting hotline, lawyer will advise, answer, support and explain the provisions of the law so that clients can clearly understand the provisions of the law, the order, processes and procedures perform the custody, prosecution and investigation of criminal cases according to the provisions of the Criminal Code and the current Criminal Procedure Code.

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In case, clients using lawyer services participate in protecting legitimate rights and interests in the period of temporary custody, prosecution, investigation of a criminal case, the lawyer will perform the following tasks:
- Accurate and detailed advice on relevant legal issues, legal basis, legal documents applied in accordance with the law in this case, anticipating the disadvantages and risks legislation can happen to clients;
- Lawyers guide or draft legal documents, petitions of competent state agencies to consider the implementation of the requirements to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the accused in accordance with regulations under the law;
- Lawyers will advise, guide clients how to determine the type of crime that is committed, how to determine the statute of limitations for prosecuting criminal liability for criminals, as well as estimating the penalty frame that accused may be sanctioned based on the provisions of law;
- Guiding clients, composing their own applications to apply other preventive measures to replace detention measures, or drafting other applications corresponding to each specific case of each client;
- Advise and instruct client if in case of crime, they will consider and collect documents and evidence to prove the reduction of criminal liability in accordance with the law.
Lawyer services involved in defense for defendants and accused

Lawyer services involved in defense for defendants and accused, call: 1900.6162

3. Lawyer services involved in defense at the Court

When the criminal case has been transferred to the Court, there is a Decision to bring the case to trial, lawyers can participate in any period from this time, maybe before the trial, or the trial is opened but suspended, ... At this time, the defendant can ask the lawyer to participate in protecting his or her rights and interests (aka defense), in this period, the lawyer will perform the following tasks:
- Collect documents and evidence to prove the signs that constitute the crime against the accused's behavior, from there, study carefully the case file, analyze and select beneficial and adverse evidence to perfect the defense arguments;
- Estimate the worst risks that may occur, inform the accused and their relatives to understand the situation, carry out compensation for damages, overcome consequences, collect evidence being a good person, a person with meritorious services to the revolution and other circumstances to consider reducing criminal liability;
- Lawyers prepare questions, arguments and establish to participate in interrogation at the trial, participate in litigation at the trial to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the defendant;
- Lawyers will make a number of reasonable requests in accordance with the law to ensure the rights and interests of the accused such as the request to postpone the trial, to recommend the witnesses and the people related rights and obligations, suggesting changes in the composition of participants in the proceedings, ...
- Lawyers conduct arguments, make judgments, provide documents and evidence to prove the extenuating circumstance of criminal liability to the accused, so that the Trial Board has accurate judgments and visitors most important, and make the most intelligent decision for the accused.

4. Process of providing lawyer services to defend for defendants and defendants

When clients have a need to contact lawyers of Minh Khue Law Firm to provide lawyers 'services to defend the accused or defendants in criminal cases, the lawyers' team assigned to settle the cases will perform the work according to the following basic process, depending on the specific case may be full of procedures or without one of these steps:
Step 1: Contact the accused, defendant or maybe the relatives of the accused, to find out the information, requirements and wishes of the customer, and give some preliminary assessments about the case
Step 2: Negotiate with customers to sign a legal service contract, to have a basis to perform the following work, as well as have a basis to work with competent state agencies as a protector of legitimate rights and interests for the accused
Step 3: Collect evidence, complete papers and documents to provide to competent state agencies handling cases and other relevant agencies
Step 4: Attendance lawyers conduct proceedings according to the process and procedures for handling criminal cases from the investigation, prosecution, prosecution, trial cases in Court, until the Decision / Final Judgment
Step 5: The two parties shall liquidate the legal service contract
Note: In the process of participating in the proceedings, participating in resolving criminal cases for clients, in addition to the above steps, the lawyer will perform all tasks in accordance with the law to ensure the rights and best benefits for clients.

5. Contact information of Law Firm Minh Khue

In order to be able to connect with a team of lawyers involved in defending defendants or defendants in criminal cases, clients should choose one of the following forms:
- Go directly to Minh Khue Law Firm's head office at: Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
- Contact via hotline 1900.6162 to connect with lawyer To Thi Phuong Dzung for preliminary legal advice, making an appointment directly with a lawyer.
- Send a request to use litigation services in criminal cases by email: [email protected] to receive a detailed quotation letter and advice on the legal procedure provided by Minh Khue law firm.
We hope to receive cooperation from you!
Best regards./.
Criminal Law Division - Minh Khue Law Company

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