With over 10 years of operation in the field of legal consultancy, with a team of many professional lawyers, Minh Khue Law Firm provides lawyers services to participate in resolving civil matters and participating in resolving civil disputes. We provide specific services as follows:

Minh Khue Law Firm provides online legal consultancy services for clients free of charge on the hotline 1900.6162 with the following consultancy contents:

- Consulting and answering all legal problems related to the civil field in general and answering legal issues according to each case of clients in particular;

- Advising on the provisions of law and legal issues that may arise relating to the signing of contracts, signing of civil transactions, civil contracts that clients sign;

- Consultants provide appropriate handling methods in civil disputes;

- Guiding clients on how to negotiate and agree on necessary contents in civil transactions, including beneficial and suitable contents for clients' interests;

- Advising on the provisions of the law on resolving civil requests, direction to resolve civil disputes according to regulations;

- Answering client problems and requests;

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- Guiding clients to prepare civil documents and contracts in accordance with the law to ensure their best interests.

2. Lawyer services participate in resolving civil matters

Minh Khue Law Firm provides lawyer services to participate in resolving civil matters in the following basic cases, in which, we can guide clients to prepare documents, papers and collect data and evidence to prove their rights. Or we will assign a lawyer to join and represent the client to resolve the civil matter for you. The choice of a lawyer service depends on your needs.

Civil requests that lawyers of Minh Khue Law Firm can participate include:

- On behalf of the client, a lawyer makes a request to declare / cancel a Decision to declare a person has limited capacity for civil acts;

- On behalf of the client, a lawyer makes a request to declare / cancel a Decision declaring an individual to lose civil act capacity;

- On behalf of the client, a lawyer makes a request to declare / cancel the Decision declaring that a person has difficulties in perceiving and difficulties in mastering his or her behavior;

- On behalf of the client to request the competent state agency to conduct the notice and search for an individual absent from the residence, at the same time, to consider and resolve the management of assets of that individual is in accordance with the law;

- On behalf of the client, a lawyer makes a request to declare / cancel a Decision of a competent state agency declaring a person missing;

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- On behalf of the client, a lawyer makes a request to declare / cancel a Decision of a competent state agency stating that a person has died;

- Representing clients to implement recognition requirements, at the same time allowing execution of sentences in Vietnam or not recognizing such judgments / decisions of foreign courts in the territory of Vietnam;

- Representing clients to send an application requesting the Court to declare a notarized document is invalid;

- Representing/acting on behalf of customers to request the recognition of the result in out-of-court mediation (if the mediation is successful, in case the client needs it, the lawyer can instruct the client to complete the procedure himself demand for recognition of successful conciliation between parties in the dispute);

- Representing clients to implement the requirements relating to the determination of property rights such as property ownership and property use rights;

- Representing clients to require the Court to divide the common assets, determine the assets after being divided to execute the judgment according to the Law on judgment execution;

- Representing clients to perform other civil requests according to clients' needs.

Lawyer services participate in resolving civil matters, civil disputes

3. Lawyer services participating in resolving civil disputes

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To become a lawyer can participate in resolving civil disputes outside the court as well as conducting a client representation before a competent state agency, requiring that the lawyer be an experienced person, deeply specialized in legal activities, and clearly understand the legal procedures in accordance with the current law to provide the best direction and advice to the clients.

Minh Khue Law Firm provides lawyer services to participate in resolving civil disputes to act on behalf of clients to carry out work with partners, customers, parties in dispute, as well as with competent state agencies to resolve the following civil disputes:

- Settlement of disputes related to property ownership and property rights;

- Settling disputes on civil contracts such as loan contracts, property loans, loan contracts, donation contracts, sale and purchase contracts, ... and other civil transactions according to regulations law;

- Settlement of land disputes such as a dispute on transfer / donation / exchange / mortgage / contribution of land use rights, house ownership and other assets associated with land and on other real estate business contracts, ...

- Settling disputes over property inheritance rights, statute of limitations for inheritance, determining the percentage of assets to be enjoyed according to wills or according to law provisions;

- Settling and negotiating disputes related to compensation for non-contractual damages, compensating for damage caused by the application of prevention measures wrongly according to regulations affecting the legitimate rights and interests of clients;

- Resolving disputes related to intellectual property including copyright, related rights, industrial property rights, rights to plant varieties;

- Settling disputes related to the use and exploitation of water resources, disputes over the discharge of waste and waste into water sources;

- Settling disputes related to nationality among individuals;

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- Resolving disputes related to activities such as property auctions, newspapers, notaries, ...

- Lawyers of Minh Khue Law Firm are always ready to participate in resolving all other civil-related disputes at the request of clients to protect the best interests for clients.

4. Process of lawyer services participating in resolving civil cases

When clients use lawyer services to participate in resolving civil matters and civil disputes of Minh Khue Law Company, we will implement the service process as follows:

Step 1: Receive information from clients, exchange documents, papers and necessary information related to the case. Lawyers who accept the client's case will give an overview of the directions for clients to refer. Since then, the two sides signed a legal service contract under the agreement.

Step 2: The client pays the corresponding service fee as agreed between the parties in the legal service contract, which is the basis for the lawyer to conduct the work according to the agreement.

Step 3: Lawyers assigned to solve the case of clients will exchange legal issues with clients to provide the best and most satisfactory solution for clients. At the same time, the lawyer will conduct the collection of documents and evidence to prove the rights of clients, serving the settlement of civil disputes, civil requests in accordance with the law.

Step 4: Completing papers and records to participate in and on behalf of clients to carry out civil matters, civil disputes with partners, customers or competent state agencies to conduct legal proceedings.

Step 5: Directly participate in resolving civil disputes according to the contents agreed upon by the two parties, in some cases, lawyers may agree with clients to change plans to resolve civil cases depending on the objective details of the case so as to ensure the best rights and benefits for clients.

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Step 6: Finish the case, the client pays the remaining service cost. At the same time, both parties will liquidate legal service contracts.

Any contact information when you need to use lawyer services to participate in resolving civil matters, civil disputes, please contact us via hotline 1900.6162 or by email [email protected]

We are honored to serve you!

Best regards./.

Civil Law Consultancy Department - Minh Khue Law Company Limited

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