Lawyers represent in litigation of economic and civil cases in court

Minh Khue Law Firm is one of the most experienced companies in this field of consultancy, which is one of the most suitable options for domestic and international clients in resolving disputes by the courts

Reasonable cost is the most important factor in this field which usually takes a lot of time. Our approach is to listen and understand the problem of the clients so that we can find the most reasonable solution, through negotiation, suing in court or arbitration for each case and help clients achieve their goals.

Luật sư tư vấn pháp luật dân sự trực tuyến

Lawyers online legal advice via phone call: 1900.6162

Our Lawyer team:

Our litigation lawyer team in litigation successfully combines top capabilities and experience in the domestic market with international qualifications for cases and at times of need. Our approach is to focus on customers' practical problems to determine the most reasonable solution. We have experience with many business-related lawsuits and are able to manage complex situations involving multi-stakeholder requirements and multi-stakeholder engagement, and advising clients method of minimizing the risk of disputes.
Lawyer service:
Our experience is accumulated and developed through the provision of services to clients from any business activity, from manufacturing, banking, finance, real estate, design and construction, Labor relations, medicine and health and health care sectors ... include:
- Legal consultancy;
- Warning letters and negotiations;
- Negotiate;
- Representing/protecting the rights of Clients in court, commercial arbitration and government agencies; and
- Execution of sentence.

Translated from: Luật sư đại diện tranh tụng các vụ án kinh tế, dân sự tại tòa án

Clients wishing to use the service please contact us directly:

For more information, please contact: MINH KHUE LAW FIRM CO., LTD

Phone to request for legal consultancy service, call: 1900.6162 (Lawyer, Mrs. Dzung)

Online legal consultancy office and appointment for a consultation at the office: 1900.6162

Send request for advice letter or service via Email: [email protected]

Look forward to cooperation with clients!

Best regards./.

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