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Minh Khue Law Firm provides legal support to clients after the establishment of the following legal services:

- Carrying out procedures for publishing the report on the establishment of enterprises on the press;

- Providing and consulting company legal documents in the process of establishment;
- Basic advice on meaning and company charter;
- Consulting and supplying basic contract forms for enterprises.
- Procedures for declaration and purchase of tax invoices and tax payment;
- Tax consultancy and corporate finance:
- Consultant applying for practice certificate;
- Types of permits for enterprises: Permits for investment incentives, food safety and hygiene permits, permits for trading in conditional sectors such as education, health and securities. A foreign employment permit (if the enterprise employs a foreigner);
- And other related issues: such as registration of goods quality of enterprises, import and export licenses, raw materials, fuel, goods ...
Minh Khue Law Firm provides the following services to our clients:
- Consultancy on labor regulations;
- Consultancy on the development of salary and bonus regulations;
- Consultancy on developing financial regulations;
- Consultancy on the development of internal management regulations;
- Consultancy on the development of regulations and directions for development and construction of corporate culture;
- Consultancy on building collective labor agreement; Company regulations; Labor contracts;
- Include consultancy on organizational structure of the enterprise;
- Procedures for conducting meetings and making decisions of enterprises;
- Forms of capital transfer, election of leaders in enterprises;
- Consultancy and solving internal disputes in accordance with the law;

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