Legal consultancy services on project investment:

- Prepare pre-feasibility reports of investment projects;

- Give consultancy on feasibility for investment projects.

- Do sociological survey on the impact of the investment projects to daily life before, during and after investment activities;

- Provide high quality experts in comply with the requirements of each investment project;

- Do research, analysis and market survey for the fields the investors are concerning

- Verify the legal capacity of the partners to invest in the project.

- Prepare and file the project documents and investment procedures, business establishment.

- Follow and conduct the procedures for approval for investment projects.

- Give consultancy on implementing investment projects after approval.

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- Settle the legal issues for investors in the project implementation process.

- Give consultancy on the project transfer.

- Implement the liquidation procedure of investment projects, particularly foreign-invested projects

- Consulting services other foreign investors involved.

- Other relevant legal service on foreign investment

With a team of lawyers who have over 10 years of experience in investment consultancy, are well aware of the business and investment environment in Vietnam and have professional skills in working with foreign investors, we commit to provide the legal consultancy service on project investment with good quality service the best advice.

Translated from: Luật vấn đầu dự án


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