Online Legal Consultancy Services:

1. Consultancy on business establishment:

- Consultancy on the establishment of joint stock companies;

- Consultancy on the establishment of limited liability companies;
- Consultancy on the establishment of representative offices, business locations;
- Consultancy on the establishment of branches;
- Consultancy on the establishment of individual business households.
- Establish other types as required by customers;
2. Consultancy on the amendment of business license of the company:
- Consultancy on additional business lines, withdraw business lines;
- Consultancy on change of members, shareholders of the Company;
- Consultancy on the change of charter capital of the company;
- Consultancy on the change of head office address for the company;
- Consultancy to change the name of the company.
3. Consultancy on transformation of enterprises:
- Equitization consultancy;
- Conversion of State-owned companies into one-member limited liability companies;
- State-owned enterprises and post-equitization issues;
- Advising on registration procedures for division, separation, consolidation and transformation of different types of enterprises;
- Consulting the transformation of the company.
4. Separate - Divide - Merger - Consolidate the Company:
- Consultancy of separating the company;
- Consultancy division of the company;
- Consultancy on division and separation of enterprises;
- Consultancy on merger company;
- Consultancy on consolidation of company;
5. Corporate Management Consultancy:
- Regular legal advice;
- Providing corporate financial information;
- Consultancy on internal management of enterprises;
- Consultancy on the implementation of promotion programs;
- Lawyer Consultancy, litigation solving internal disputes of enterprises.

6. Consultancy on dissolution of enterprises:

- Consultancy on business registration procedures for business suspension;
- Consultancy on the temporary suspension of business activities;
- Consultancy on dissolution procedures of enterprises and termination of operation of branches and representative offices;
- Consultancy on the procedures for dissolving the joint stock company;
- Consultancy on the dissolution of branches, representative offices, business locations of limited liability companies with two or more members.
7. Consultancy on bankruptcy of enterprises;
- Consultancy on business bankruptcy procedures;
- With the capacity of legal consultancy and legal experience, Minh Khue Law Firm fully believes that will best meet the needs and requirements of domestic and foreign legal consultants.

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