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a. Legal consultancy on the restructuring of companies:

- Advising clients on the restructuring process;

- Advising clients on the formulation of enterprise restructuring plans such as: Business split plan, enterprise split plan, enterprise merger plan and consolidate plan.

- Advising on capital handling when restructuring enterprises;
- Advice on labor handling and social insurance of employees when restructuring enterprises;
- Consultancy on drafting and drafting the charter of the enterprise when restructuring the enterprise;
- Advising on the business plan of the enterprise after the restructuring;
- Advising on other legal issues related to the reorganization of the enterprise;
b. To compile the dossier on the establishment of the enterprise on the basis of the reorganization of the enterprise
- The minutes of the meeting and the decision of the enterprise on the reorganization of the enterprise (depending on the type of enterprise, the minutes of the meeting and the decision may be issued by the General Assembly of Shareholders/Member Council);
- Certificate of enterprise registration;
- The written request for enterprise establishment on the basis of re-organization of the enterprise;
- List of founding members/shareholders;
- The other relevant papers.
c. Carrying out procedures for establishment of an enterprise due to reorganization:
- Apply for the establishment of an enterprise at the Business Registration Office of the Department of Planning and Investment;
- Monitoring and promptly processing the dossiers submitted to customers;
- On behalf of clients receiving business registration certificates;
- Filing and completing the seal making process for clients;
- Together with clients receiving seal and seal registration.

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