Our legal consultancy services relating to real estate business projects are as follows:

1. In the initial stage, we provide the following services:

1.1. Consultant to select the best solutions/ models/ structures for implementing real estate business projects in Vietnam;

1.2. Design real estate business model to meet the business strategy of customers;

1.3. Assist the client to obtain the necessary permits for the execution of the Real Estate Business Project;

Luật sư tư vấn pháp luật đất đai, nhà ở ?

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1.4. Based on the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated and in consultation with relevant agencies and organizations, we provide legal advice to help clients make business correct business decisions.

2. During the execution phase, we will:

2.1. Assess the preliminary legal status of the land in which the customer is in need of using the land use right / assets attached to the land to contribute capital to the establishment of the enterprise;

2.2. Real estate transaction structure to ensure the best interests and rights for customers;

2.3. Strategic planning for the development of real estate business projects (including support for purchase and sale procedures, transfer of real estate);

2.4. Draft contracts relating to land allocation, resettlement and land compensation (if applicable);

2.5. Participate in negotiating and drafting construction contracts in accordance with FIDIC or AS 400 standards;

2.6. Participate in negotiating and drafting contracts on lease, sale and transfer of real estate arising in the course of executing real estate business projects;

2.7. Draft of agreements, contracts and implementation of real estate transfer procedures;

2.8. Assist in the establishment of a real estate business;

2.9. Resolve dispute/ litigation.

Translated from: Tư vấn pháp luật về bất động sản

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