All request of clients from the consultancy on the establishment of representative offices, branches and enterprises, etc. for investment procedures from Vietnam to overseas, looking for domestic or international partners, supporting investors in negotiating contracts, etc. are all conducted and resolved by Minh Khue Law Firm in a professional manner. We are always ready to be your trust partners during the investment business in Vietnam.

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For foreign investors in Vietnam, Minh Khue Law Firm supports in:

- Counsel and represent the clients to carry out the foreign investment procedures: Establish a 100% foreign-owned company, set up a joint venture company, a business co-operation contract or some other forms such as representative office, Branches of foreign traders in Vietnam ...

- To prepare dossiers of application for investment licenses and investment preferences;
- To develop investment projects;
- Participating in negotiating, developing joint venture contracts, business cooperation;
- Get the authorization of investors to contact the State agencies in Vietnam to complete the procedures for investment registration or investment license.
In addition, Minh Khue Law Firm also advises on the project, internal management consultancy, build rules and regulations of enterprises with many years experience and professionalism of the implementation process.
For foreign investors, Minh Khue Law Firm supports in:

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- To develop investment projects for submission to the competent agencies to issue the investment certificates;
- Cooperate with the client (investor) to complete the procedures for registration of investment certificate;
- Continue to support clients in the process of investing abroad.
Minh Khue Law Firm advises regulations, policies and laws on investment:
- Consultancy on laws, policies and investment policies of Vietnam in general and legal policies related to each specific investment field of investors, investment projects;
- Consulting and forecasting of changes in policies and laws that may affect investors' investment projects. Finding locations for investment projects, finding and evaluating investment locations to help investors have a lot of ground when making investment decisions.
- To advise investors on the feasibility of the investment project, the legal conditions applicable to the investment project in each specific case, the investment preferences to be applied, the forecast of risks that the project may have from the Vietnamese legal system and from socio-economic and market changes that will help investors to anticipate the necessary preparation time for investors to have. Formally conducting the business, the most appropriate investment plans to ensure the business strategy of investors and meet the provisions of law.
- We advise and help investors prepare documents and complete the administrative procedures in accordance with the law to: Performing land lease, office leasing; Labor recruitment; Procedures for transfer of capital, procedures for conversion of investment forms, consultancy on procedures for capital increase, capital reduction, additional consultancy on business lines;
- Investment incentive procedures: tax incentive procedures, tax refund procedures, tax exemption procedures, procedures for land rent exemption and reduction ....
- Consulting on procedures for registration of localization rates, investment capital settlement, tax law consultancy, contract consultancy, economic and civil disputes settlement, intellectual property;
- Consultant to draft rules, regulations, collective labor agreement, technology transfer;
- Consultancy on the establishment of representative offices, branches of foreign investors in Vietnam and abroad.

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