1. For foreign individuals working in organizations / For the paying units:

- Review personal income tax finalization (PIT) made by the paying unit.

- Supplementing, adjusting tax finalization (if mistakes are detected)
- Guide the paying unit refund PIT for overpaid individuals.
2. For foreign individuals declaring and finalizing personal income tax with the tax office.
- Declaring, calculating, paying and finalizing personal income tax of individuals having many sources of income.
- Declaration of adjustments and supplements to the PIT finalization already paid to the tax office.
3. Service fees (negotiable):

Fee for individual



Declaring personal income tax identification numbers

10 USD/person

Declaration for family allowances

10 USD/declaration for registration

Declaration PIT with income from wages, business from (on a monthly basis)

50 USD/peson/01 month

If there is one more place to pay, the fee increases by 10%

Declaration of additional adjustment.

15 USD/person

Yearly PIT Finalization (fee calculated for the whole year)

500 USD/ 01 person/ 01 year

If there is one more place to pay, the fee increases by 10%

Table of fees for services of PIT declaration and finalization

Note: For organizations paying if the number of people over 50 will receive a discount of 5%, If more than 100 discount 10%, 200 people or more discount 15%, more than 500 people discount 20% (The lowest fee for reviewing the annual tax finalization for organizations not less than 5 million ).

Translated from: Dịch vụ kê khai, quyết toán thuế

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