Through practice, we have hundreds of times many business owners said that " they wish to know a lawyer from the beginning". Indeed, in many cases, only a misstep from the words in the contract, documents, do not know the procedures, the law, subjective but still signing, dealing - the business must bear the consequences are not worth, cost a lot of money.

REGULAR LEGAL CONSULTANCY is a medium-term legal advisory and legal advisory service provided by Minh Khue Law Firm - suitable and directed to businesses that have never used lawyer services.

With two 6 or 12 month packages, after the contract is over, you will certainly have a legal key (including trained personnel from the business itself). - have the most basic and practical legal issues, can effectively and proactively apply, minimize any legal risks in their business activities.

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The monthly fee (excluding VAT 10%) is:

- 5 million VND / month - 6 months (package 1) or,
- 4 million VND / month - 12 months (package 2)
- 3 million VND / month - 12 months (package 3 - for small businesses, few cases)
During the contract period, you will receive the prestigious and dedicated service of Minh Khue Law Firm through the following specific tasks:
1. Law consultancy lawyers (in all fields).
2. Support to draft documents, contracts (in all areas).
3. Establishing and guiding the search "Law bookcases of the company" (including laws, decrees ... specialized in economics - finance and labor). Apply regularly in the operation of the business.
4. Reviewing, consulting and improving the company employees' profile (equivalent to the work of the head of the HR department)
5. Reviewing, supplementing and finalizing "Enterprise legal documents" (company charter, internal rules, regulations, rules, regulations ... in the management and management of enterprises).
6. Provide and guide the use of the "sample set of contracts and legal documents of enterprises" - the most essential and popular documents, from business to administrative, domestic and foreign. - which every business needs to know and apply regularly.
During the contract period, enterprises are also trained, supplemented with basic legal topics for managers (if required). As :
1. Drafting and signing commercial contracts
* The basics of a civil and commercial contract.
* Subject, content, form of a commercial contract.
* Invalid case of contract.
2. Some types of basic contract
* Trading contracts.
* Service contract.
* Agency contracts.
* Business Cooperation Contract.
3. Drafting and promulgation of corporate legal documents
* Decision of the company director.
* Minutes of Board Of Directors, Boards Of Member ...
* Official letter to customers, partners.
* Press Release.
4. Labor Law & Disciplinary Action
* Employees' records & labor contracts.
* Regulations of business ethics.
* Control and protect enterprise information.
* Process of labor discipline.
* Dismissal and termination of employment.
* Labor case.

5. Settlement of trade disputes

* Process and procedure for solving an economic case.

* File of lawsuit.
* Evidence, expertise.
6. Law on intellectual property
* Trademark, service.
* Copyright.
* Technology transfer contract
* The problem of counterfeit goods.
7. Basic administrative - legal procedures
* Change business content.
* Establishment of branches, subsidiaries, etc.
* Trading, transferring capital among members.
* Trading, merger, dissolution, bankruptcy.
* Disputes within the company. (12 month contract)
8. Law in Commerce
* Breach of contract.
* Commercial brokerage.
* Advertising, promotion.
* Auctions, bidding
* Logistics, import and export. (12 month contract)
9. Complaints and administrative complaints
* Administrative decisions and business.
* Complaints about administrative decisions.
* Administrative case. (12 month contract)

10. Commercial arbitration

* Settlement of disputes by commercial arbitration.

* Rules of arbitration.
* Case file. (12 month contract)

11. Settlement of international trade disputes

* Choosing the law applies.

* Terms are indispensable in international trade contracts.
* International Law on Commercial Arbitration. (12 month contract)
12. Competition law
* Unfair competition.
* Multi-level sales.
* Unfair competition lawsuit. (12 month contract)

Translated from: Dịch vụ luật sư tư vấn luật thường xuyên cho doanh nghiệp

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