1. When should you need a litigation lawyer to participate in civil cases?

In fact, not all individuals and organizations are capable and have the condition to use litigation services for many different reasons, depending on the circumstances of each person. Therefore, for simple and uncomplicated cases, you can consult the provisions of law by yourself, consult with legal experts and lawyers through the services such as direct consultancy, email advice, free online advice or through a number of other ways to get a direction, a best solution in the case with a reasonable cost (usually much lower than the cost of legal proceeding services if the client clearly understands the problem, applying well directions that the lawyer counseled to conduct).
In contrast, in cases where the case of the client is relatively complicated, clients have many difficulties in collecting documents, papers, evidence or even case is simple but the clients still wish to use legal proceeding services to protect their rights and interests in the best way, at that time, the use of legal proceeding services - represent clients to protect their rights and interests is absolutely necessary and right. With a reasonable cost, the case of the client will be solved correctly, achieving high legal efficiency compared to the client's implementation.

2. Benefits when using litigation services

Accompanying the need for a lawyer to resolve civil cases quickly and effectively, we recommend that customers, if possible, use lawyer services. proceedings to protect their rights and interests. Because, when using litigation services, you will receive the following basic benefits:
- The work is processed, resolved quickly, saves time and costs;
- Minimize worries and confusion, fear in the process of resolving the case because there are always accompanying lawyers, closely follow the case files, the facts of the case;
- Receive timely advice and encouragement to make the most accurate choice for what you should or should not do;

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- Understand more about procedures and processes of state agencies in resolving civil cases;
- All rights and obligations of the litigants in the civil case are fully and timely implemented in accordance with the law under the guidance of lawyers;
- Have timely handling of violations of competent state agencies (if any) in accordance with the law to ensure their legitimate rights.
In addition to the above benefits, clients can also receive many other benefits depending on the civil case that the client is participating in at what stage, the objective and specific circumstances of the case. Therefore, the use of litigation services is completely reasonable and necessary in all cases.
Litigation lawyer in civil cases - Processes to carry out the professional service

3. How to choose a good and prestigious litigation lawyer?

This is always the psychological problem of every client when there is a need to use litigation services in civil cases, as well as criminal cases, and administrative cases. With experience in legal consultancy, litigation representation in Court and non-legal representation, Minh Khue Law Firm would like to give some criteria for clients to refer, from there can identify a good and reputable lawyer who has enough professional ability to solve your case in the best way, specifically:
- Professional expertise and experience of lawyers. In order to understand this issue, clients can refer to the attorney's information on the main website of the company that the attorney is working in, know where is the operation location of lawyer, practical experience, works that the lawyer often carries out, the assessments of each client have used the services of lawyers. In particular, the areas in which lawyers work in depth must be in line with the needs of clients, specifically to resolve civil cases to seek lawyers specializing in litigation, resolving cases Civil;
- Service fees and remuneration of lawyers. According to the current Law on Lawyers, the remuneration of lawyers will be calculated on the basis of the time to resolve the case, the degree of difficulty of each case and based on the reputation of that lawyer. However, you should note that the remuneration of lawyers is not always equal to the reputation of lawyers, because many lawyers still receive low remuneration but the lawyer is very prestigious and professional. they are very responsible for their work, they provide services to clients based on their own working principles, dedication and enthusiasm in the legal profession, so clients should study carefully about a lawyer or law firm/law office that will perform services for you to make appropriate decisions;
- Reputation and quality of service provided by lawyers, law firms, law offices. With this content, clients can consult through the opinions of relatives, friends or acquaintances, people who have used the services of that law firms, law offices, lawyer, the assessment of those who have used the service is always the most objective and accurate assessment.

4. Litigation lawyer involved in resolving civil cases

According to the current law, in all civil cases (there are disputes), lawyers can participate in the proceedings as an authorized representative or the protector of rights and benefits for one of the parties (maybe plaintiffs, defendants, persons with related rights and obligations).
Lawyers have the right to participate in civil procedure proceedings at any stage in the proceedings when the client needs but must register as the legal protector of rights and interests of the litigants or must show the authorization contract/authorization letter to the competent state agency to determine the legal status of the lawyer in the civil case.
Lawyers can participate in legal proceedings as the defenders of the rights and interests of the litigants or authorized representatives in civil cases for civil disputes, labor - insurance society dispute, land disputes, business - commercial disputes, disputes in the field of marriage and family.

5. Works of litigation lawyers in civil cases

- Performing tasks within the scope of authorization of clients in case the parties sign an authorization contract;
- Protecting legitimate rights and interests for clients according to the procedural process and the provisions of law;
- Collect documents, papers and evidence related to the case to provide to the Court;
- Research carefully records, exchange information and documents with clients to provide the most effective solutions for customers;
- Conducting copying, recording documents, requesting agencies, individuals, organizations that are managing and storing to provide documents to serve the settlement of the case;
- Participate in processes and procedures in civil cases such as attending meetings, mediation, access and publicity of documents and evidence; attend court according to regulations;
- Representing / on behalf of the client requesting additional persons with related rights and obligations or requesting changes of judges, people's jurors, prosecutors, court secretary and prosecutors other litigation.
- On behalf of clients working with law enforcement agencies, supporting clients legally to protect their rights and interests;
- Perform other jobs as required by clients.

6. Benefits of using litigation services of Minh Khue Law

With a team of experienced lawyers in participating in legal proceedings to resolve disputes in civil cases, Minh Khue Law Firm is committed to providing clients with a prestigious and quality service. Our civil litigation services offer the following benefits:
- Full-package service, serving for you from the beginning to the end of the case as agreed in the signed legal service contract;
- Reasonable costs, no additional fees in the process of implementing legal proceeding services;
- Quality, prestige, professional service, make you satisfied;
- Save time, cost, effort, minimize travel for you;
- Lawyers have high professional skills, good skills, high responsibility in their work.
Customers can refer to the list of lawyers, legal counsel of Minh Khue Law Firm to affirm their belief when using our services.
If you still have any problems related to litigation services in civil cases, please contact the online hotline for free (24/7) 1900.6162 or by email [email protected] in order to get legal advice from Minh Khue Law Firm and use professional services, serving for the benefit of clients.
Best regards./.
Civil Law Department - Minh Khue Limited Law Company

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