Enterprises must carry out procedures for tax declaration and submission monthly before the 20th day, whether or not invoices arise. In case of late declaration, the penalty shall be imposed according to the provisions in the Finance Ministry's Circular No. 166/2013/TT-BTC dated 15/11/2013, guiding on penalties for administrative violations pertain to taxation.

In case you do not have time to make monthly tax declaration, MKLAW FIRM can represent you to carry out the procedures for declaration and submission of tax reports at the Tax Department.

The work of Minh Khue Law Firm includes:

- Report on purchase and sale invoices, balance purchase and sale vouchers.

- Make a monthly tax report using business software with 2D barcode. Print a tax report (browse).
- Directly submit the tax report at the district tax office.
Quotation of monthly tax declaration services of Minh Khue Law Firm:


Invoices arise


All sectors


500.000 đ

From 01 to 10 invoices

700.000 đ

From 11 to 20 invoices

900.000 đ

From 21 or more

1.000.000 đ

- For enterprises using business establishment services and using the license tax declaration in Minh Khue Law Firm, the monthly declaration is free of charge.

- The above fee is exclusive of VAT.

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Translated from: Dịch vụ kê khai báo cáo thuế hàng tháng

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