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In addition to providing legal consultancy services to foreign investors, Minh Khue Law Firm also provides legal consultancy services in the field of investment for organizations and individuals in Vietnam as well as foreign countries, in the field of investment. Clients who need legal advice directly in foreign investment activities, please contact directly: 1900.6162 Press 1 to consult Lawyer, Mr. Le Minh Truong. Especially, we provide direct legal advice to foreigners in English at 1900.6162, press 5 (Lawyer: Phuong Dung).

Contents of legal consultancy services of foreign investment lawyers include:

1. Consultancy for organizations, enterprises and foreign investors investing in Vietnam:

- Consultancy on the issuance of investment certificate: Establishment of a partnership; 100% foreign capital company; investing in BTO form; BOT; BT e.g.;

- Consultancy on adjusting investment certificates;

- Consultancy on the conversion of the type of enterprise or form of investment;

- Investment project consultancy;

- Consultancy on construction investment activities;

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- Consultancy on land lease;

- Consultancy on tax activities, investment incentives, investment policies;

- Consultancy on registration for the extension of investment projects in Vietnam;

- Consultancy on the registration of temporary suspension of investment projects;

and other Consultancy services required by the investor.

2. Consulting and providing services to foreigners or foreign investors in Vietnam:

- Counsel and carry out visa extension for foreigners;

- Counsel the procedures for applying for work permits to foreign investors;

- Counseling on procedures for registration of permanent residence cards for foreigners;

- Counseling housing purchase procedures; cars in Vietnam

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- Counsel and representative of procedures such as marriage; adoption; divorce and property dispute resolution;

Translated from: Luật sư tư vấn luật đầu tư nước ngoài trực tuyến

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