From legal point of view, “Families constitute cells of the society, cradles where men are brought up, and an important environment for personality formation and education, contributing to the construction and defense of the Fatherland. Good families make good society, good society makes better families.

In order to enhance the role of families in the social life, preserve and promote the fine traditions, customs and practices of the Vietnamese people, abolish backward customs and practices regarding marriage and family;

In order to raise the responsibilities of citizens, the State and the society in the building and consolidation of the Vietnamese marriage and family regime” – Preface of marriage and family law, 2000.

In order to promote Vietnameses’ ethical and cultural traditions, Minh Khue Law Firm provides consultancy service on the marriage and family law, including the following specific issues:

+ Consultancy on the marriage registration, including: marriage registration between Vietnamese and Vietnamese, between Vietnamese and foreigner;

+ Legal consultancy on marriage and family relations: relationship between husband and wife and the relationship, relationship between parents and children, relationship among family members

+ Legal consultancy on support

+ Consultancy on determination of parents, biological children,

+ Consultancy on adoption procedures;

+ Consultancy on establishing guardianship among family members;

+ Consultancy on divorce;

+ Consultancy on marital relations with a foreign element;

+ Consultancy on handling violations of the marriage and family law

For consultancy demand, the client can contact us contact us directly via legal consulting hotline 1900.6162 for direct consultancy and support.

Translated from: vấn pháp luật hôn nhân gia đình trực tuyến