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No: 31/2000/PL-UBTVQH10
Hanoi, December 28, 2000 
(No. 31/2000/PL-UBTVQH10 of December 28, 2000)
In order to build, preserve, exploit and use library documentary stocks ; to meet the people’s study, research, information and recreation demands and to enhance the effectiveness of the State management over libraries;
Pursuant to the 1992 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;
Pursuant to the Resolution of the Xth National Assembly at its 4th session on the law and ordinance making program of the Xth Legislature of the National Assembly;
This Ordinance provides for libraries,
Chapter I
Article 1.- Libraries have the function and task to preserve the nation’s written works heritage; collect, store and organize the exploitation and common use of, the documentary sources in the society, with a view to disseminating knowledge and supplying information in service of study, research, working and recreation demands of people of all strata; contribute to elevating the people’s intellectual level, training human resources, fostering talents, developing sciences, technologies, economy and culture and serving the national industrialization and modernization cause.
Article 2.- In this Ordinance, the following terms shall be construed as follows:
1. Written works heritage means all books, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, paintings, photos and other documents, which had been or are currently in circulation.
2. Documents are matters in a material form already recorded with information in written form, sounds or images, for the purposes of preservation and use.
3. Library documentary stocks are documents collected and gathered according to various topics and given contents, processed according to scientific rules and processes of the library operation in order to organize the service of readers with high efficiency, and the preservation thereof.
Article 3.- This Ordinance governs:
1. The organization and operation of libraries; the rights and responsibilities of the State bodies, political organizations, socio-political organizations, social organizations, socio-professional organizations, economic organizations, public-service units and people’s armed force units (hereinafter referred to as organizations) in library activities;
2. The rights and responsibilities of domestic organizations and individuals that use the library documentary stocks and participate in activities organized by libraries;
3. The rights and responsibilities of overseas Vietnamese and foreign organizations as well as individuals living and working in Vietnam that use the library documentary stocks and participate in activities organized by libraries.
Article 4.- The State invests its budget in the library and library documentation development; expand the relations among the domestic libraries and the cooperation and exchange of documents with foreign libraries; encourages domestic organizations and individuals, overseas Vietnamese, foreign organizations and individuals to take part in developing various library types; realizes the socialization of library activities; trains, fosters and builds the contingent of librarians who can meet the development demand of various types of libraries.
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