Under current Vietnamese law, in particular the Intellectual Property Law only has the concept of "trademark" or "registration of trademark protection", while other concepts such as logos, logo registration and brand registration is common names usually used in reality among individuals to facilitate the purchase and sale of business. At this time, it can be understood, the logo is a way to talk about the trademark bearing the image or image part of the trademark, while the brand is the way to say the text part in the trademark or the readable part of the trademark.
With many years of experience providing all services related to Intellectual Property, in particular, the most popular service is the registration of logo protection for businesses and individuals, Minh Khue Law Company has always been the top choice of many clients.
Dịch vụ đăng ký logo uy tín - Các vấn đề pháp lý liên quan đến đăng ký logo

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1.1. Why should you register a logo?
In fact, there are many individuals and businesses who do not understand the benefits of registering logos and registering trademarks, because simply, they think that registration of logos is time-consuming and waste of costs, while products and services are used very stable, no dispute, although there is no registration of the logo, it does not affect, ... Because of such thinking, the issue of protection Intellectual property in Vietnam is currently very limited, only individuals and businesses who understand the importance of logo registration will register their logos.
Registering the logo, the logo owner will have the following benefits:
- To be entitled to monopolize the use of a registered logo or may use it together with other individuals and enterprises through contracts between the parties, charges may be collected or not;
- Being protected by a competent state agency to use the logo, the owner of the logo has the right to request competent state agencies to take measures to handle administrative or criminal prosecution of those infringement of the rights to a registered logo such as imitation, counterfeiting, forgery, ...;
- Has the right to prevent acts of counterfeiting, counterfeiting logo or using illegally (without the agreement of the logo owner) of other organizations;
- Create a healthy competition mechanism in the market;
- Providing accurate information to consumers, creating trust for consumers when using the products or services in a sustainable and long-term way.
1.2. Logo registration procedure
Step 1: Advise and guide clients to design and select the final logo to avoid duplication, confusion with previously registered logos
Step 2: Search the logo, check the logo's ability to successfully protect, whether the logo belongs to the returning case or not eligible to register
Step 3: Prepare and complete the logo registration dossier
Step 4: Submit the dossier at the competent state agency, monitor the progress of the dossier
Step 5: Authorized state agencies receive and evaluate logo registration dossiers
Step 6: Receive results and transfer results to customers
1.3. Logo registration dossier
- Declaration for registration of logo protection according to a uniform general form (02 copies);
- Logo with size ≤ 08 cm x 08 cm (08 samples);
- Document of filing fee;
- Power of attorney or authorization document (if any).
1.4. The competent authority to registers the logo
The Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property at 384-386, Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City is the only agency authorized to register logo protection in Vietnam.
1.5. Logo registration time
- Time for receiving dossiers and appraising forms of logo registration: 01 month to 03 months;
- Time for content examination of logo registration applications: 09 months to 11 months;
Total time for logo protection registration completed: about 12 months.

2. Service of registering logo of Minh Khue Law Firm

Minh Khue Law Firm provides the service of registering the logo protection for clients with the following contents:
- Consulting and guiding clients to choose and design logos in accordance with clients' ideas and needs;
- Consult and guide clients to look up logo information to identify duplicate logos, similar or easily confused with other logos;
- Search logos for clients when required;
- Consult and guide clients to prepare logo registration documents;
- Prepare and on behalf of clients to submit logo registration application at a competent state agency;
- Track records, modify and supplement logo registration documents when requested by experts;
- Advising, guiding or implementing complaints about violations committed by specialists (if any);
- Customer representatives perform administrative procedures with competent state agencies on logo registration;
- Customer representative receives Certificate of protection registration at a competent state agency;
- Handover certificate of registration of logo protection to clients;
- Advise and guide clients to solve all legal problems related to the logo during use;
- Consulting and providing other services related to Intellectual Property that clients require.
When you use the registering logo service of registering Minh Khue Law, you will receive the following benefits:
- Implementing the full package service, customers only need to provide a Power of Attorney for us, our team of lawyers and experts of the Intellectual Property Department will prepare the documents and complete them for clients. At the same time, submit documents, monitor records for clients at competent state agencies, clients only need to wait to receive the results that we transfer to the contract agreement between the parties;
- Follow the application for registering the logo of the customer from the filing stage to the granting of the protection title;
- Quality of service is guaranteed and fast at a reasonable cost. In order to affirm more clients' trust when using the logo registration service at Minh Khue Law Firm, clients can refer to the videos participating in key television programs on Intellectual Property in Vietnam of the lawyer team of Minh Khue Law Firm:

Lawyer: Le Minh Truong - Guidance on trademark registration procedures and fees

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4. How to contact to use the logo registration service

Customers can choose one of the following ways to request the service of registering the logo of Minh Khue Law Firm when required:
Method 1: Call the call center 1900.6162 >> Press the key 9 >> to connect with the lawyer, specialist of Intellectual Property Department for advice and detailed quotation for logo registration service.
Method 2: Contact via phone number: 1900.6162 (Meet the Lawyer: To Thi Phuong Dzung) for advice and information, as well as specific pricing for the service.
Method 3: Send request to register logo via email: lienhe@luatminhkhue.vn. The team of lawyers, consultants in the field of Intellectual Property of Minh Khue Law Firm will analyze, advise and send detailed quotation as required by clients.
We hope to receive the trust and support from our customers!
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