According to this Circular, Corporation document’s forms are corporation contract of science and technology; memorandum; agreement; corporation plan; corporation program; other forms as agreed by parties. Within that, the corporation contract on science and technology means agreement stipulating benefits, obligations and duties of parties in cooperation for science study, technology development study, provisions of services in activities of science study and technology development; the corporation agreement in science and technology means document providing for provisions of general commitments, coordination mechanism, and specific conditions binding legal liability applicable to concerned parties; the memorandum means document recording the initial intention (not legally binding) as basis for parties to carry out next steps of corporation activities in science and technology and so on.

Each corporation document shall have different contents. For example, corporation contract of science and technology must have information of parties joining in contract; concepts and explanation of terms that are used in contract; objectives, content, scope, and results need attain; location, time limit and methods to perform agreements; powers and duties of parties in implementation of contract; provisions on using results and sharing benefits from use of results from contract performance; assessment and acceptance of performed results; provisions on intellectual property right. Memorandum includes information of parties; basis of cooperation; principles of cooperation; objectives, content and form of cooperation; resources for implementation and so on.

This Circular takes effect on April 20, 2013.


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