To eliminate the issues, comply the obligations and protect their legitimate rights and interests of the parties in the transaction, it is necessary to understand the provisions of the relevant law in general and civil transactions in particular

With extensive legal knowledge, abundant experience in consulting activities and lawsuits, Minh Khue Law Firm will be great support of the clients in all civil transactions. After being consulted, the clients will be well aware of the provisions of the civil law so that they can make legal decisions, take advantage of opportunities, avoid risks and protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Private lawyer service for families includes:

- Consultancy on drafting the documents and application forms;

- Consultancy on drafting the documents related to civil obligations such as mortgage, deposits, and guarantees and so on.

- Give consultancy and draft civil contracts (Sale contract, donation contract)

- Consultancy on testamentary inheritance and legal inheritance

- Consultancy on the legal procedures related to houssing (Application for land grant, land lease, land use purpose changes; issuing certificates of house ownership and land use right and so on)

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- Consultancy on drafting the documents related to intellectual property rights and technology transfer;

- Consultancy on drafting the documents, legal assistance related to civil procedure;

- Consultancy on legal assistance concerning civil relations with foreign elements.;

- Consultancy on other civil legal issues

- Consultancy on the common regulation of Marriage and Family law

- Consultancy and divorce conciliation;

- Consultancy on property division, child custody upon divorce;

- Consultancy on lawsuits forms to protect their interests;

- Lawyers to claim and protect the interests before the competent agencies.

- Consultancy on adoption procedures.

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Look forwards to cooperate to the clients!


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