1. What is a private lawyer? Why do you need a lawyer service for your business?

A private lawyer is a very common concept in developed countries such as USA, UK, France, Germany, etc. but it is a concept that only seems to have appeared in our country in last 10 years (from the time when Vietnam officially joined the World Trade Organization). The concept of private lawyers is being gradually introduced in Vietnam and is understood in four basic forms:

- Private lawyer for individual;
- Private lawyer for family;
- Private lawyers for organizations;
- Private lawyer for business.
Why do you need a lawyer for your business?
- Limitation and prevention of legal risks: This is a very important factor for business activities of each company.

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- The cost of hiring a lawyer is low but the brings the high legal efficiency: Hiring a permanent lawyer or building a legal department costs a lot, while hiring an irregular lawyer to resolve the dispute may arise will bring real benefits for businesses.
- The lawyer's experience is one of the most important factors: Hire a lawyer is to hire the whole system of lawyers of a law firm, and the customer has The right to change lawyer with higher quality or service better attitude when needed.
2. Introduction of private lawyer services for organizations and businesses:
Minh Khue Law Firm with more than 10 years of experience in developing legal consultancy services in Vietnam, We are always aware that enterprises is the focus object of legal services provided by Minh Khue Law. Private lawyer services are one of the specialized legal services in which Minh Khue Law will appoint at least one lawyer with legal experience in the areas where clients request regular support, continuous and resolved all legal issues encountered by the business.
The number of lawyers assigned to provide legal assistance and settle disputes arising in each case of the enterprise at different periods depends on the nature and requirements of the enterprise from time to time.
Unlike legal counsel services that regularly charge fees based on the length of service use on a monthly basis, individual legal services are charged based on the number of lawyer attending each month and by request of clients. We provide the service price and comparison criteria for these two specialized services in the field of business for customers reference:
Criteria Private lawyer service for organization and enterprise Regular legal consultancy service for enterprise
Method of charging legal consultancy services: + Based on the number of lawyers involved in counseling, supporting or resolving the case + Based on the number of incidents occurring monthly
Criteria for attending lawyers: + According to the specific requirements of clients about the professional level + According to the assignment of Minh Khue Law
Lawyer fees: Flexible. Calculated on the requirements of the professional qualifications and skills required by lawyers (English skills, or requirements on practical experience ...) Fixed monthly payment (5 million - 10 million - 15 million / month)
Duration to hire a lawyer + Flexible (can be charger by working hours, or until the case is closed/resolved) + The minimum legal service contract is 6 months.

Therefore, a private lawyer service for an enterprise that can be understood as a contract for the hire of a senior expert in the field of legal profession paid by experience of the expert or the hours the expert participates in solving the case. Minh Khue Law will have to appoint lawyers to participate according to the nature and requirements of the business (Lawyer Price is based on working hours).

If regular legal issues arise, regular legal consultancy contracts may also be signed.

3. Guiding the use of lawyer's services for organizations and enterprises:

In order to use effective lawyer services, Minh Khue Law Firm provides steps for the two parties to consider and agree to enter into a private lawyer service contract between the two companies:

Step 1: Receive specific requests from organizations and enterprises;
(The enterprise provides criteria for choosing lawyers, legal issues that often encounter or arise);
Step 2: Counseling and suggesting private lawyer service packages for organizations and businesses
(The service package is based on the size and nature of the work requested by the customer.)
Step 3: Signing and executing the legal service contract.
4. Why You Should Use Private Lawyer Services For Organizations And Enterprises Of Minh Khue Law Firm:
The only reasonable reason for you to choose us are due to the quality of lawyers, legal experts of Minh Khue Law Firm. The quality of the lawyer services is built on a team of lawyers, experienced legal experts and always identify clients as gods. We always consider customer satisfaction as the guideline and purpose of this online consulting service. You can refer to some of the legal advice videos available online by lawyer Minh Khue law firm to confirm your belief in your choice:
>> Please refer to some legal advice videos on television with the participation of lawyers, legal experts Minh Khue law firm.
Lawyer: Mr. Le Minh Truong has extensive experience in corporate governance and management as well as corporate brand development. He is not only expert in legal matters but also considered as a leader, building the foundation for online legal consultancy in Vietnam. The company he has been managing and operating for the past 10 years has always been a leader in this field.
Youtube video
Lawyer Le Minh Truong participated in the 60-minute program on VTV6 - Legal advice on intellectual property
Lawyer: Mrs. To Thi Phuong Dung with language skills (English and Japanese) and extensive knowledge in investment, she has deep experience in investment consultancy for companies with foreign element, consultancy investment activities and technology transfer in Vietnam as well as construction and review of foreign trade contracts in accordance with international practices and practices.
Youtube video
Lawyer, Mrs. Phuong Dung is responding to 24-hour movement on dealing with copyright infringement on the internet
>> Lawyer: Mrs. To Hoa is considered as a person with deep knowledge in the field of business in general and especially in the field of internal management consultancy (Establishment of executive management/the general meeting of shareholders of the company, etc.).
Youtube video
Lawyer, Mrs. To Hoa responds to People's Television on "Mergers and Acquisitions of TTP Entrepreneurs"
And many top legal experts in many other fields.
With the capacity, business and professional legal consulting team, we are always available to consult, support customers with the highest quality consulting services.

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