With a team of lawyer who are knowledge about the laws on enterprise, economy, finance and are trusted by the enterprises over the time, We are offer private lawyers to the enterprises.

1. The common legal risks:

- Internal disputes: labor contract, shareholders, trust abuse to expropriate the corporate’s assets

- Disputes with state agencies: tax, social insurance, administrative violations

- Disputes with other parties: economic contract, bad debts

- Damages caused by lack of knowledge about administrative procedures, policies on investment, tax, import and export and so on.

2. Why should the enterprises have private lawyers?

- Minimize the above legal risks:

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- "Low cost, high efficiency" is the motto of our legal services. Only 2,000,000 VND / month, you will have a permanent, dedicated lawyer who is willing to give you legal support anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, salary for a legal staff is from 5 to 10 million/month.

- We are sure that a legal staff can’t be as professional as a real lawyer. It is difficult for him/her to make decisions accurately and quickly, his/her words are not very strong before the relevant authorities, particularly the courts (if any dispute).

- Thanks for the lawyers’ supports, you will have peace of mind, be confident and make faster decisions on the legal issues in the process of negotiating these significant deals. Psychological barriers and the lack of legal knowledge can pose unpredictable legal risk and unavoidable damage. You will feel confident, professional and safe to have your own lawyer.

- As we know, you believe that if you employ a permanent staff, he/she will help you anytime, anywhere. As for using our legal service, it is not convenient. However, technology and communication equipment helps clear all distance limits. We commit to support your business anytime, anywhere.

3. Regular consulting services to the enterprise:

- Frequently give feedback on all legal issues on business operation (taxes, contracts, employment, imports and exports, investment and administrative procedures ...);

- Draft and help draft any legal administrative documents;

- Draft and review the contracts;

- Give consultancy on internal and external disputes;

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- Give consultancy on bad debt settlement;

- Give consultancy on measures to prevent the legal risks;

- Provides legal documents as required

4. Consultancy forms:

- Give consultancy via email, fax, telephone and official documents

- If the clients require our lawyers to participate directly in the lawsuits, the service charges will be mutually agreed depending on the lawsuits’ complexity and processing time. In this case, the service charges for corporate lawyers using our service regularly will be reduced by 10% compared to the normal service charges.

5. Service charges:

- Domestic enterprises: 5,000,000 VND / month.

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- Enterprises with foreign investment: 10,000,0000 VND / month.

Translated from: Luật riêng cho doanh nghiệp


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