Get explanations and instructions on how to perform the following cases:

1) Consultancy on organizational structure (main office, branch, representative office) within the enterprise;
2) Advise on positions, roles and responsibilities of divisions and how to coordinate work between departments, between management positions within the enterprise;
3) Advise on the application of policies to laborers in accordance with the labor law in a rational manner in the recruitment, employment, reward and discipline of personnel;
4) Advising on legal matters affecting the leadership and management activities of the enterprise owner;
5) Consultancy on the agreements in the contract of the enterprise with partners, customers are appropriate or contrary to the provisions of law;
6) Consultancy on administrative procedures related to the operation of enterprises;
7) Consultancy on the contribution of investment capital and business; Business transformation, etc.;
8) Consultancy on methods, tools of human resource management;
9) Consultancy on tax law, charges and fees;
To directly participate in the settlement of the following cases and matters:
- Drafting contracts;
- Drafting regulations, regulations, rules of conduct, etc.;
- Provide job descriptions, functions, tasks and powers of departments, sections, leaders, staff
- Provide criteria for evaluating the capacity and effectiveness of staff and staff.
- Legal examination of legal documents: letters, decisions, contracts, cooperation agreements.
- Examination of the lawfulness of the regulations that the Board of Directors of the company should sign for issuance issued by the lower level.
- Participating with the Company's leaders in the process of negotiating contracts, other transactions as Private Lawyers of the Chairman, General Director;
- Being a mediator of disagreements and disputes with the owner;
- Legal training in each specific field at the request of the enterprise.
To represent or authorized by the business owner in the following cases:
1) Acting on behalf of the Business Owner to communicate with stakeholders, state management agencies, partners and communities;
2) Performing the work as the representative, authorized person of the Business Owner;
3) The representative of the owner of the business participating in the proceedings at the court.
4) Representing to settle the dispute for the enterprise;
5 / Representing to be the mediator;
6 / Representing in the negotiation of civil transactions;
7 / Representation of Complaints, Denunciations, Initiatives ...

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