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Content services :

- Notarization of house purchase contract

- Notarization of contract of donation for real estate

- Notarization of property exchange contracts

- Notarization of rental agreement

- Notarization of property lease contract

- Notarization of authorized contracts

- Notarization of real estate auction contract

- Notarization of property contract

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- Notarization of economic contracts

- Notarization of mortgage contract

- Notarization of property pledge contract

- Notarization of guarantee contracts

- Notarization of contracts involving foreign elements

- Notarization of power of attorney

- Notarization

- Get hold of will

- Notarization of the written agreement on division of the estate

- Notarization of the declaration of inheritance

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- Notarization of the estate

- Notarization of contracts or other transactions

- Notarization of translation of papers

- Notarization of copies of papers

- Notarization of signature

- Issue copies of contract documents, kept at notary office

- Other matters as prescribed by law

Translated from: Dịch vụ công chứng uy tín, chuyên nghiệp

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