A lawyer is a professional, trained practitioner, so when a lawyer advises or prepares contracts, he/she will ensure the best rights and interests for clients, in particular, in some cases, the lawyer must also anticipate the risks that may arise in reality to provide the basic contents which are in the best interests of their clients, of course, all the data and agreements in the contracts are in accordance with the law.
Minh Khue Law Firm provides clients with legal consulting services all legal issues related to the drafting of contracts including civil contracts, business-commercial contracts, economic contracts, construction contracts, labor contracts and a number of other contracts depending on each clients' requirements. We will advise the following basic contents:
- Advise clients on the benefits and disadvantages when drafting contracts or not drafting contracts between the parties;
- Advising on the structure and form of a contract in accordance with the law, the content that must be specified of content that is not necessary to be recorded in the contract;
- Advice on mandatory terms in the contract;
- Advising on risks that may arise in reality to make appropriate plans and terms of the contract with the lowest risk limit for clients;
- Advising and assisting clients with issues that need to be noted in the contract to facilitate the settlement of disputes that may arise during or after the contracting parties;
- Review the contract, verify, check the contents of the contract that the client has drafted before, from there, instruct the client to add, modify or delete some unnecessary content, or unclear meaning, change to the most beneficial content for clients in accordance with the law;

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- Support clients to find out the disadvantages in the contract that partners and clients have drafted in advance to provide appropriate modification or replacement to ensure compliance with the law as well as protecting the best rights and interests to clients;
- Advising on legal issues related to contracts between the parties on practical application of contracts;
- Consult and answer issues that may arise before signing the contract, after signing the contract for clients.
Professional and reputable consulting lawyer services - Drafting contracts

2. Types of contracts drafted by Minh Khue Law Firm

Currently, Minh Khue law firm provides a prestigious and professional contract drafting service including but not limited to the following types of contracts or according to clients' needs, desires and wish, we will compose draft a corresponding contract:
- Drafting types of contracts in civil field: Purchase and sale contract, property loan contract, loan contract, authorization contract, power of attorney, service contract, mortgage contract, lease contracts, transportation contracts, ...
- Drafting types of contracts in the field of land: Contracts for transfer of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land; Contract for transferring houses and apartments; Contracts for sale and purchase of houses and construction works; Contract for renting houses or buildings; Contract of transferring a part of a project or transferring a whole real estate project; Contract of transfer of purchase / sale / lease contracts for housing or apartment building in the future in real estate projects, ...

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- Drafting types of contracts in the field of labor: Labor contracts for definite term, indefinite labor contracts, seasonal labor contracts, labor contracts for a certain job less than 12 months, collaborative contract, contract work, ...
- Drafting types of contracts in the fields of business and trade: types of business contracts, business cooperation contracts, economic contracts, joint venture contracts, ...
- Drafting types of contracts in the field of Intellectual Property: Authorization contract to perform procedures for registration of copyright, related rights, industrial property; Contract / Company assignment document for employees; Contract of transfer of Intellectual Property rights; Transfer contract / Transfer of the right to use intellectual property rights; other types of service contracts related to intellectual property, ...
- Drafting types of contracts in the field of Marriage and Family: Written agreement on the application of asset division before marriage; The couple's written commitment to the division of common property during the marriage period; Agreement on pregnant women for humanitarian purposes; Other documents / contracts required by clients related to marriage and family law;
- Prepare all types of insurance contracts in accordance with the law such as civil liability insurance contracts, life insurance contracts, non-life insurance contracts, ...
- Drafting types of contracts in the fields of tax, finance and accounting such as authorization contracts for personal income tax finalization, service leasing contracts to provide corporate income tax finalization, ...
- Prepare other types of contracts according to clients' needs.

3. Why should you use a contract drafting service?

- For some types of simple contracts both in the form of contracts and in terms of the content of the contract, the individual may draft the contract himself/herself but still need to refer to the provisions of the law, refer to the form of contract, how to present the contents of the contract, accordingly he/she can draft a complete contract, in accordance with the law, meeting the agreements of the parties in entering into that contract.
- For complicated or important contracts, the entities entering into the contract must also understand clearly the provisions of law, the required contents for each respective contract, therefore, the using contract drafting service is necessary because of the following reasons:

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+ Using the contract drafting service will save the time, cost and effort of the participants in the contract because it does not take time to learn the provisions of the law, refer to the sample text;
+ Lawyers with high expertise in drafting contracts, based on the provisions of the law, will best fulfill the contract as required by clients, ensuring the best rights and benefits for clients according to regulations;
+ Using the service of drafting contracts with reasonable costs will help parties to enter into a contract quickly and effectively, promoting the development and cooperation of parties in transactions;
+ Is committed by the service providers to legal issues related to contracts, therefore improve and increase the best rights and benefits for clients using the service.

4. Method to contact Minh Khue law

If you have any problems or have any request to use the services of Minh Khue Law Firm, please contact us through the following ways:

4.1. Contact via free online consulting call center 1900.6162

In case clients are far away, travel is difficult or need to use the service quickly, get the results as soon as possible, you should choose the form of contact via call center for free online consultation 1900.6162
1900.6162 call center of Minh Khue Law Firm supports and answers legal questions of clients 24/7, including holidays. Our team of lawyers, legal experts are always ready to advise you.

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4.2. Contact via email company [email protected]

When the client needs to use the service or legal advice but wishes to be answered in writing or by email, the choice of method to contact Minh Khue Law Firm's lawyer via email is the most wonderful and effective way.
Immediately after receiving the client's request, we will assign a lawyer with expertise in the field concerned by clients to conduct research and respond to clients quickly.
We recommend clients to request consult via email with a fee of 200,000 VND / email advice (if the case is complicated or simple, the fee can be adjusted accordingly).

4.3. Go directly to the company office to request drafting of the contract

In case the client wants to directly discuss his/her problem with a lawyer, meeting a lawyer directly, the client can come directly to Minh Khue Law Firm's head office at Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
To facilitate the arrangement of counselors, as well as not affecting the settlement of client requests, saving time, travel costs, clients should schedule a consultation directly with us via phone number 1900.6162

4.4. Contact through other forms

In addition to the above three main forms of contact, clients who wish to use the service or require legal advice can contact via Minh Khue Law's Facebook address, via youtube address of Law Minh Khue, zalo of Minh Khue Law Firm for assistance.

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5. Cost of drafting the contract of Minh Khue law

For each different type of contract, the content and nature of each contract is different, so if the client needs to use the contracting service of Minh Khue law, please contact one of the above ways to get our lawyers to quote the most detailed and specific for clients.
Currently, most law firms provide the contracting services, each unit will have different service rates, the Minh Khue Law Firm commits to bring to clients a reputable, high-quality service with the most reasonable price corresponding to each type of contract or each different client.
Looking forward to receiving the trust and cooperation of customers!
Best regards./.
Legal Consulting Department - Minh Khue Law Company