Copyright is the right of organizations and individuals to their own creation or possession (Under the Law on Intellectual Property).

Relevant rights are the rights of organizations and individuals to performances, phonograms, video recordings, broadcast programs and encrypted satellite signals.

Although it is not required to be entitled to enjoy the rights, but registering copyright/related rights with the Copyright - Literature Arts Office will bring convenience to the person who is recognized as author/the owner when a dispute occurs.

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Minh Khue Law Firm provides consultancy service for copyright/related rights registration, specifically:

- Counseling on the basis, the establishment, the fundamental limitations of copyright/related rights;

- Counseling and implementing procedures related to the registration of copyright/related rights;

- Identification of the author or owner of the copyright, especially when the work is created under the contract of purchase;

- Counseling and representing clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for use, transfer and other contracts related to copyright/related rights;

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- Appeal decisions related to the issuance of copyright/related rights certificates;

- Consulting and coordinating with competent state agencies to handle violations of copyright/related rights;

Translated from: Bảo hộ bản quyền tác giả

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