1. Why should you register the inventions in the area of steam generation?

In developing countries, people often do not respect and pay attention to the protection of inventions, and Vietnam is not an exception. There are some companies or individuals who always try to copy others’ inventions instead of investing and inventing by themself, thus leading to unfair competition between companies in the market. In order to stop this situation, one of the best ways is to register the invention for a patent for the legal protection from competent state agencies. The owner of the invention can receive huge benefits after carrying out this procedure, we can point out some benefits as below:

- A patent is a basis for proving the ownership of the owner. When there is a party that tries to counterfeit or imitate an invention for the purpose of reaping or competing with the owner, he/she has the right to request the competent State authorities to investigate and handle infringements.

- Patent registration helps owners to increase competitive advantage, market power and earn more profits. Patents allow owners to ensure that no other entity in the market is allowed to manufacture, trade, use, or distribute the product based on the invention without the consent of the owner. This can reduce competition, increase sales, and if marketed properly, owners can charge higher prices because of the exclusive right.

- The invention creates a new source of income for the owner by transferring or licensing the invention. After being granted a protection title, it will be easy for the owner of the invention to exploit its commercial value.

- The owner can use the invention as an advantage in raising funds and attracting potential investors, business partners. The investor and business partner will see the patent as evidence of innovation and trust for the owner. In addition, banks also accept patents as collaterals for bank loans.

- The owner can also receive benefits in cross-sale thanks to a patent. When a customer is attracted by a product that is based on a protected invention, the customer will be easier to buy more related products, thus, increasing the sale volume. This normally happens if the patented product is sold with other items or it is an integral part of a more complex product.

- The patent can be an advantage for the owner in marketing, advertising and branding plans by delivering signals about higher technological competence, greater creativity and higher performance in.

2. What are inventions in the area of steam generation?

The inventions are defined by the Vietnamese intellectual property law are technical solutions in the forms or products or processes which aim to solve particular problems by applying laws of nature. An invention can be granted one of two forms of patent: invention patent or utility solution patent.

In order to be recognized as invention, the technical solution must satisfy the below prerequisites:

- The technical solution must be novel;

- The technical solution must be creative, and;

- The technical solution must be capable of industrial application.

Inventions in the area steam generation are classified in Class F22 according to the newest version of International Patent Classification (IPC) system. The Class F22 mostly covers the following products or processes:

- Methods of steam generation;

- Steam boilers;

- Feed-water heaters, e.g. preheaters;

- Accumulators for preheated water;

- Controlling water feed or water level; Automatic water feeding or water-level regulators;

- Auxiliary devices for promoting water circulation;

- Steam superheating characterised by heating method;

- Steam superheaters characterised by constructional features; Details or component parts thereof;

- Controlling superheat temperature;

- Steam superheaters characterised by location, arrangement, or disposition;

3. How to register inventions in the area of steam generation in Vietnam?

In order to register an invention in Vietnam, firstly, the owner needs to prepare a proper registration dossier with the following documents:

- Application forms according to the form prescribed in provisions of law (02 copies);

- Description of invention/utility solution, including invention/utility solution name, description, illustrative example, claim and summary part; (02 copies);

- Authorization letter if applying through a representative;

- Receipt of paid state fees and charges (if paying via postal service or directly to the NOIP's account in advance);

- Other related papers for some particular cases.

4. The process of registration for inventions in the area of steam generation in Vietnam?

Generally, according to the provisions of law, the patent applications are processed by the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) through procedures as follow:

Step 1: Submission of the application. The application for patent can be filed directly to the NOIP in Ha Noi or one of representative offices of NOIP in Da Nang city and Ho Chi Minh city. It can also be filed indirectly via the postal services to the above address.

Step 2: Appraisal of the form. The application will be appraised in terms of formal requirements. This step normally takes about 01 month.

Step 3: Publication of the application. The information of the patent application will be published in Industrial Property Official Gazette by the NOIP after 18 months since the submission date.

Step 4: Appraisal of the content. The NOIP will appraise the application in terms of its content. This procedure usually takes about 18 months from the publishing date.

Step 5: Grant of the patent. After determining all the requirements are met, the NOIP will grant a patent. The owner must pay all state fees promptly and properly before the grant.

5. Where to register inventions in the area of steam generation in Vietnam?

According to the current provisions of Vietnamese intellectual property law, foreign companies, organizations or individuals can only apply their inventions for patents in Vietnam through official industrial property representative organizations. Minh Khue Law Firm is an industrial property representative that was licensed to operate in Vietnam since August 2017, with the representative code is 226. Many clients in Vietnam as well as abroad have registered their inventions successfully through Minh Khue Law Firm.

The Intellectual Property Department of Minh Khue Law Firm will carry out all the procedures for the client. Our office based in Room 2007, 20th Floor, C2 Building, Vincom Tran Duy Hung, Tran Duy Hung Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi city.

The person in charge of the Intellectual Property Department of Minh Khue Law Firm:

Lawyer: To Thi Phuong Dzung

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The completed register dossier will be submitted at: National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

Address: 384-386 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

6. Contact to register inventions in the area steam generation in Vietnam?

Please contact: Minh Khue Law Company Limited

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Phone number: + 84986 386 648 - Lawyer: To Thi Phuong Dzung

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