1. Application file

1.1. Business Registration Certificate: 02 notarized copies.

1.2. Declaration for trademark registration.

1.3. Sample brand: 11 samples with a size not smaller than 80x80mm.

1.4. Documents certifying the right to file lawful applications, if the applicant is entitled to another person's application (certificate of inheritance, certification or agreement on the transfer of the right to submit applications, including already submitted applications; labor contract ...).

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2. The scope of works of Minh Khue Law Firm

2.1. Pre-registration advice:

- Grouping advice (trademark of goods protection) in accordance with Nice IX International Classification.

- Brand consultancy to determine whether the intended mark of registration is similar or duplicate with the trademark already filed at the National Office of Industrial Property or has been granted a certificate in Vietnam.

- Advise on the choice of brand name options, advice on additional prefixes when necessary to ensure the difference in protection.

- Advice on the protection of other objects related to trademarks such as registration of protection of packaging, labels and product designs.

- Advice on the possibility of duplication, the similarity that may lead to the possibility of rejection of the trademark.

2.2. Preparation of trademark registration dossier:

- Writing a declaration of trademark registration.

- Print the trademark sample.

2.3. Registration of rights:

- Filing applications for registration of trademarks at the Vietnamese NOIP within 05 days.

- Transfer the application file with the seal of receipt of the application from the NOIP to the enterprise.

2.4. Monitoring the application process:

- Monitor the process of issuing formality examination, content examination, dispute notification and diploma notification.

- Send the official letter replying to the official letter from the National Office of Intellectual Property.

- 05 days: establish the priority right to trademark registration at the Department of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

- 02 months (from the date of filing): Notice of acceptance of the valid application.

- 09 months (from the date of acceptance of valid application): Notice of issuance of Certificate of Trademark Registration.

- The Certificate of Trademark Registration is valid for 10 years (from the date of registration) and valid for the whole territory of Vietnam (extended for 10 years for each extension).

3. Registration fee

- Free consultation;

- Brand preliminary lookup: free

- Registration fee is 2.000.000 VNĐ (for 01 group with 06 products/services according to Nice IX trademark classification).

- If there are two or more groups in the same application, each additional group will add 1.500.000 VNĐ.

- If more than 06 products/services in a group, add 300,000 VND per product/service.

Translated from: Đăng ký bảo hộ độc quyền nhãn hiệu hàng hóa tại Việt nam

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