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The first thing that you should take note when doing this procedure is that the transaction or purchase of land must be done at public notary offices or private notary public. Only transactions certified by a notary office will be valid for a competent state agency when carrying out legal procedures for changing the name of the certificate (registration procedure).

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- When you go to the notary office, the parties (buy & sell) should bring the following documents:

+ The identity card, household registration book and the Certificate of Land use right of the seller (if married, a marriage certificate should be included);

+ Identity card, the household registration book of the buyer.

- At the notary office, the purchase and sale will be made into a contract certified by a notary. Usually, the contract is made in 05 copies: 01 copy to the seller; 01 copy to the buyer; 01 copy to the tax office; One copy will be sent to the housing office and one copy will be kept by the notary public.

- The registration procedure is conducted at the Land Office - under the District People's Committee where the land is located.

All procedures are conducted at the receiver of the office, the customer must complete two main taxes: personal income tax and registration fee. Personal income tax shall be levied by the tax authorities and calculated on the basis of the land price table published by the provincial/municipal People's Committee on January 1 every year on the land price table and prices actually traded by the parties.

Translated from: ​Dịch vụ trước bạ sang tên nhà đất

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