As a business owner, would you hire an accountant at your business or hire accounting services from outside service companies?

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We made the following comparison for your reference:

Hiring an accounting:


- Regularly present at the company.

- Can perform other tasks than the main accounting job.

Using accounting Service:


- Always accompany the business on every step of business.

- Service costs are always lower than hiring qualified accountants.

- Keep up-to-date with current laws and accounting regimes that bring practical benefits to the business.


- Can change personnel often cause you to worry.

- There are many accountants do not have experienced in accounting, sometimes not timely updated the current law on accounting.

- The cost of salaries for accountants with sufficient accounting qualifications is usually very high.


- Not often present at the unit.

- It is not possible to do more than one job at the same time as the main job of accounting.

Suitable for: Large-scale enterprises.

Suitable for: Small and medium sized enterprises.

From a few points above, hope you will choose and decide the type of accounting to suit your business!

Tax accounting, accounting services of Minh Khue Law Firm include:

1. Consultancy on tax policy:
- Tax code registration - Tax declaration - Tax payment - Tax finalization - Tax exemption - Invoice - Documentation - Complaints and denunciations.
- Common mistakes to avoid;
- Manual self-calculation, self-declaration, self-submission;

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2. Consultancy service - Set up initial tax records:
- Consult, prepare the file in the form of the tax authorities.
- Name of chief accountant, purchase of invoices, accounting books
- Exposing and explaining dossiers at the request of tax offices.
3. Consultancy service - Monthly tax report:
- Report on purchased and sold receipts, balance of purchased and sold receipts;
- Make monthly tax reports using business software with barcode 2D;

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- Print tax report (approved). To directly file tax returns at the Tax Sub-Departments;
4. Consultancy service - Writing accounting books and tax finalization
- Accounting and bookkeeping by accounting software
- To solve arising problems, organize the archival of vouchers
- Report on inventory, supplies, goods, products
- Depreciation of fixed assets. Payroll
- Balance sheet, account balance.
- Accounting balance sheet. Monthly business results/ quarter/year

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- Cash flow statement (direct - indirect)
- Making financial reports at the end of the year - Finalization of CIT.
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