Resolution No. 02/NQ-CP dated January 07, 2013 of the Government promulgating solutions in removing difficulties for business and production, supporting market and handling bad debts
In order to implement objectives, tasks of  socio-economic development in assigned by National Assembly:  Restrain inflation, stabilize macro-economy, assurance of social security, gradually implement economy restructuring in direction enhancing quality, efficiency and competition ability, creating changes from months beginning of year, striving to attain the highest level of norms on 2013 socio-economic development, concurrently implementing solutions to remove difficulties, facilitate for enterprises to develop their production and business operation, step by step handling bad debts in association with supporting for market development, the Government requests Ministers, Heads of ministerial-level agencies, governmental agencies, the chairpersons of the People’s Committee in municipal cities and provinces, under assigned functions, tasks,  on initiative, follow closely actual conditions, concentrate on directing for synchronous, drastic and effective implementation of tasks, solutions in according to Resolution of the Party, National Assembly, the Government’s Resolution No.01/NQ-CP dated January 07, 2013 on major solutions in directing and executing implementation of plan on socio-economic development and State budget estimates in 2013; concurrently concentrating on directing, executing and carrying out a number of solutions to remove difficulties for business production, market support and handling of bad debts as follows:       
1. To settle inventories, support market and investment
a) Concentrating on implementation of practical and effective measures to push up disbursement of investment capital for projects, programs within management scope, especially for investment capital from the State budget, Government bond capital, national objective program capital in accordance with provisions.