Restructuring, Merger and Acquisition Enterprise Law

(Restructuring, Merger and Acquisition Enterprise Law)

(ii) Consultation legal relationship between economic groups and its owned companies; legal administrations; organizing, managing and supervising internal disputes; review and analysis enterprises’ legal practice

(iii) Consultation on the scale, type, sectors, charter capital; restricted business licenses; agreements with shareholders; company’ charter; Agreement concerning to establishing enterprise, restructuring companies; and on be half of investors to establishing and restructuring enterprises.

(iv) Consulting and authorized representative of the inventors to negotiate with partners for documents and issues referring company’s structure; voting rights; rights and supervising rights of Board and General Director…

(v) Comprehensive Legal Counseling transaction to buy shares or contribute capital; capital transfer; dividing-separating and jointing; converting and reorganize enterprises, mergers and acquisitions (M & A). Advising about restrictions on the law in sectors/ areas, analysis capabilities and prospects for success of the transaction; achieved or get approval of the authorized agencies for special deals related structure of the transaction, the transaction change of control, acquisitions; transactions of projects involving complex assets of the company; legal access to enforce rights; control, govern and manage of the target company;

(vi) Consult, analysis and legal evaluation reports objectives in M & A, master planning, recommended solutions, roadmaps in legal transactions; identify and request obligations, propose tax solutions, property ownership, company ownership, contractual obligations, compliance with competition law, labor law and legal risks arising in complex transactions; writing, negotiation, review and advise on the contents of documents transactions, contract negotiations and the shareholder agreement documents. Perform administrative/ legal procedure for the entire transaction and reorganization of enterprise after transaction;

(vii) Consulting to settle dispute in doing business, counseling in dissolution and bankruptcy activities;

(viii) Legal representative, authorized representative of the enterprises in legal relationship, the State administrative relationships and partner relationships.

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