In order to achieve that goal, businesses often build their own operational strategies and a range of programs and plans to implement the strategies they have set.

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Services of Minh Khue Law Firm:

- Develop policies and strategies for risk management in enterprises;

- Strategic risk management design at the strategic and functional level;

- Develop a risk awareness culture within the enterprise, including training on risk management in the enterprise;

- Develop policies and organization of internal risk management for functional sections in the enterprise;

- Design and review of risk management procedures;

- Coordination of various functions related to risk management in the enterprise;

- Develop risk response processes including prevention programs and regular business continuity;

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- Preparation of risk management reports submitted to the board of directors and related parties of the enterprise.

Common signs for identifying an ineffective risk management system:

- Enterprises do not develop risk management policies;

- Enterprises fail to make efforts to prevent risks;

- There is no person is responsible for risk management in the enterprise;

- Risk management is not identified as a priority of the business;

- Businesses are less interested in risk or concern too late;

- There is no uniform risk assessment framework in the enterprise;

- The enterprise does not associate risk management with the processes or value chain of the enterprise;

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- Enterprises carry out risk management in a discrete manner;

- The enterprise performs risk management in a lackluster manner;

- Risk management is increasingly neglected in enterprises;

- There is no uniformity in the language expression of risk in the enterprise;

- Lack of information exchange on risk in enterprises.

Operational objectives of enterprise risk management?

Enterprise Risk Management is intended to protect and contribute added value to the business and its stakeholders that support the business to achieve its stated objectives through the content The following shows the effects of enterprise risk management:

- Develop a framework to help businesses implement future plans that are consistent and manageable;

- Strengthening capacity in decision making, planning and prioritizing work on the basis of understanding of the business, business environment, opportunities and challenges of an enterprise;

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- Contribute to the efficient allocation and use of resources within the enterprise;

- Minimize errors in every aspect of the business;

- Protect and enhance assets as well as a corporate image;

- Develop and support human resources and knowledge base of enterprises;

- Optimize performance.

Translated from: Tư vấn quản lý rủi ro cho doanh nghiệp

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