Minh Khue Law Firm provides business registration service according to a professional, fast and effective process that can be applied to all types of businesses: limited liability companies, partnerships, joint-stock companies, private enterprises, foreign companies/branches/representative offices in Vietnam.
When clients want to use the registration service to establish a business of Minh Khue Law Firm, clients can refer to the process and work that we do when establishing the company in detail as follows:

1. Enterprise establishment service of Minh Khue Law Firm

1.1 Enterprises establishment process of Minh Khue law firm

Minh Khue Law Firm provides enterprise establishment services on all types of enterprises, in which we will follow each stage, specifically as follows:
Stage 1: Receive information, documents and papers from clients
We will receive information from clients, advise and guide clients on legal issues related to the establishment of enterprises so that clients have the best option or option suitable for them, including: Determining the type of enterprise; Charter capital of the enterprise; The number of capital contributing members and shareholders to establish the company; Name and head office of the enterprise; Business; Documents and papers proving the identity of capital contributing members / founding shareholders of the enterprise; Conditions for establishing an enterprise when dealing in conditional lines of business as prescribed by law, ...

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Stage 2: Register to establish a company
After receiving all information from clients, we will carry out procedures for drafting documents, papers and completing documents to submit business registration documents at competent state agencies via business registration portal or submit directly at the Business Registration Office of the Department of Planning and Investment.
Monitoring the process of processing documents of competent state agencies, on behalf of clients receiving business registration certificates and notifying results to clients, and at the same time, transferring business registration certificates for clients to store and preserve.
Stage 3: Notice of using the enterprise's seal and other legal issues for the business
During this period, we will perform for clients and notify clients immediately when the results are available - Notice of using the seal sample is shown publicly on the National Portal on Business Registration.

1.2. Documents that customers need to provide

When clients use our business registration service, clients need to provide the following documents and papers:
- Provide a valid copy (notarized or certified) one of the following documents:
+ For individuals: Valid citizen ID card or ID card or Passport or other legal personal identification of founding shareholders and shareholders being foreign investors;

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+ For organizations: Establishment decisions, business registration certificates or other equivalent documents of organizations and authorization documents; Valid citizen or ID card or Passport or other legal personal identification documents of the authorized representative of the founding shareholders and the foreign investors.
- Provide information about the business expected to be established at the information sheet attached to our Quotation Letter;
- Provide copies of other documents such as: Business premises lease contract; Renting room contract; Business Registration Certificate or Land Use Right Certificate of the lessor; etc.

1.3. The work carried out by Minh Khue Law Firm

- On behalf of clients to prepare the documents, complete the dossier of enterprise establishment;
- Monitoring and legal support in the process of reviewing dossiers;
- On behalf of clients to receive the business registration certificate after the application is accepted by the provincial / municipal business registration bureau.
- On behalf of clients to complete procedures and post a notice to use the seal form of the Enterprise on the National Portal on business registration.
Service of establishing enterprise, counseling of fast establishing companies in Hanoi

2. Consulting to fast establish a company in Hanoi

Are you looking to start a company in Hanoi? Do you want to start a company quickly? Among hundreds of companies that provide business registration services in Hanoi, you wonder what company to choose?
Come to Minh Khue Limited Law Company, we are committed to providing our clients with a fast, quality and most effective service, bringing satisfaction to all clients. When clients choose the service to fast establish a company in Hanoi, we will advise and implement all the procedures related to the establishment of the enterprise for you. The issues we advise regarding the establishment of enterprises include:
- Advising clients on the types of enterprises allowed to establish in Vietnam in accordance with the law;
- Consulting, giving analysis, assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of enterprise so that clients have a plan to choose the type of enterprise that best suits the client's case;
- Advice on how to name businesses, avoid duplication, similar or easily confusing with the names of previously registered enterprises;
- Advising on charter capital, firm size, company charter when establishing a business;
- Advising on the provisions of the current law on the location of registered office of the enterprise;
- Advise and guide clients to select business lines suitable to the business lines that they intend to do business;
- Advising and guiding or drafting a business registration dossier;
- Consulting and guiding or on behalf of clients to register for the business establishment at competent state agencies;
- On behalf of clients receive the business registration certificate and notify clients;
- Advise, guide / implement the procedure of using seal form to the Department of Planning and Investment after the enterprise is granted a business registration certificate;
- Advise and support clients all legal issues related to the operation of the business after the establishment of the business and in the process of establishing the business.
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3. Why should you use the service Minh Khue Law to establish a company?

Minh Khue Law Firm provides a full-package service to establish a company in the whole country, especially in Hanoi. With many years of experience in providing business registration services, Minh Khue Law always receives trust and satisfaction from clients. Clients using our business registration service will receive the following benefits:
- Establishing a company with reasonable costs suitable for all clients, committing not to charge any additional expenses until the completion of registration procedures for business establishment;
- Implementing procedures quickly and effectively, we commit that after receiving all the paperwork from clients, we will proceed immediately to save the maximum time for customers, ensure the best rights and benefits for clients;
- Quality service guaranteed, prestigious and professional with a team of lawyers, legal experts Enthusiastic and dedicated office will satisfy all clients;
- Consulting and minimizing all problems that may arise after establishing a business, accompanying clients during the operation of the enterprise later. This means, after using our company establishment service, if any legal problems arise, please contact us immediately for advice and answers, not only in the field of business, commercial business but also in the fields of labor and social insurance, as well as other fields.
Contact us now to get a detailed quote about the service of registering a business establishment:
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