So in which case are citizens eligible to enlist? How old are citizens to register for military service? In which case are citizens exempt from military service or postponing military service? In order to answer questions of clients in the issue of military service, Minh Khue limited liability law firm provides clients with legal consultancy services on registration, exemption and suspension of military service. via the free online consulting hotline: 1900.6162 - This is a way to connect to a lawyer quickly and economically but still effectively.
For every Vietnamese citizen when reaching the age of military service, he/she always tends to learn the law, learn about relevant legal issues to consider whether he/she must perform military service registration? It is difficult to have a common answer for all citizens because each person is different in age, with different circumstances, different political and academic levels. Therefore, in order to get the most accurate answer in your case, please call 1900.6162 to receive the answer to your problem.
The provisions of the law regarding the conditions of military service registration that lawyers support clients:
- Consult the principles of military service registration as prescribed;
- Advice on age for military service registration, how to accurately determine the age of military service participation, not yet at the age of participating in military service or having passed the age of participating in military service;
- Advising on some cases where citizens are not allowed to register for military service such as: deprivation of rights to serve in units of the people's army and the people's police; being prosecuted for criminal liability, serving criminal sentences, ...
- Consult and explain the provisions of law to determine the case of exemption from military service registration;
- Advising on the records, processes and procedures for military service registration for the first time for male citizens aged 17 years or over;
- Advice on how to apply for military service registration for the first time, the competent state agency receives the first time for military service registration in each specific case of the client;
- Consultation on the drafting of petitions, preparation of dossiers, time of settlement for registration of reserve armymen and conditions for being allowed to register for service in reserve;
- Advice on special cases related to military service registration in cases of deleting names in the list of military service registration, additional registration, registration adjustment when changing residence, workplace of citizens;
- Support to resolve and make plans to handle cases of not registering military service for the first time in accordance with the law.
Not all Vietnamese citizens are allowed to participate in military service, although this is a glorious duty, for many different reasons, there are those who are called to join the military service once, twice, even five to six times, and in some cases, all the life has not been called for military service. Simply because the call to join the army is based on many conditions, many criteria, not to mention the criteria (number of citizens) enlisted by each locality are different, depending on the authority to call the army of the army competent state authorities.
In order for clients to better understand the conditions and standards of military service calls, the law firm of Minh Khue advises related legal issues through hotline 1900.6162 with the content such as:
- Advise on conditions, standards on age, how to calculate the age for participation in military service for male and female citizens, for citizens with college and university training;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on cultural qualifications, political standards and health conditions to meet the conditions for participation in military service as prescribed;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on the list of industries, professions and targets for female citizens who wish to participate in military service;
- Advice on selection methods, order and procedures for notification of recruitment of enlisted citizens by competent state agencies;
- Advice on the time to call for military service, the time to hand over the army, give the appropriate plan to solve the case when being called for military service in the age of enlistment but by the time of enlistment the end of the military service age;
- Advising on the provisions of the law on the competence and responsibilities of competent state agencies in the implementation of the military selection and health examination process;
- Counseling on the process, content of health examination for military service, the establishment of a health examination council, health examination criteria, especially the classification and conclusion of health type after health examination military service;
- Consult and evaluate the conclusions of the Health Examination Council on determining the health points of each health examination indicator and assess the conclusions in the health examination card;
- Counseling and answering, legal support in case of ineligibility for military enlistment but still receiving notice of matriculation of military service;
- Advice on how to handle cases at the time of receiving the military service maturity certificate still eligible for military service but by the time of military enlistment, it is not eligible for enlistment.
Services of legal consultancy on registration, exemption and suspension of military service
Lawyers counsel on military service, call: 1900.6162
In addition to the provisions on conditions for participation in military service, conditions for being enlisted in accordance with regulations, the Lawyers' Department and the consultants of Minh Khue Law Firm also advise customers on the cases. be exempt from military service, specifically but not limited to depending on the case of the customer.
Cases of exemption from military service are stipulated clearly in Clause 2, Article 41 of the Law on Military Service in 2015 and are detailed and detailed in Clause 2, Article 5 of the Circular 148/2018 / TT-BQP to decide on recruitment and call for military citizens, issued by the Minister of Defense, and the lawyers will advise you on the following issues:
- Answer the specific cases of customers who fall into one of the cases where they are exempted from military service;
- Evaluate and make objective judgments about the determination of subjects entitled to exemption from military service calls based on law provisions;
- Guiding or assisting customers in compiling dossiers and applications for certification of cases of being exempt from military calls;
- Advising on the order and procedures of competent state agencies in confirming or not certifying eligibility / being exempted from military service according to regulations;
- Advise and guide customers to anticipate risks and problems that may occur during the application process for exemption from enlistment in accordance with regulations, points of note when filing and how to apply best effect;
- Advise and instruct customers in case of exemption from military service but still wish to voluntarily participate in military service regarding records, order, procedures and application, to the competent authorities to see consider and handle this issue;
- Explain the provisions of the current law on cases of exemption from military call-up at the request of customers so that you can better understand the State's regulations in order to disseminate and propagate the regulations of law in the spirit of lawmakers.
In addition to cases of exemption from military service, the current law also provides for cases where citizens are temporarily suspended from military service, so when customers call the hotline 1900.6162 of Minh Khue Law Firm, we will answer and advise the following issues:
- Consulting, answering and explaining the provisions of the current law in cases where citizens are temporarily postponed military service in accordance with the law, of course based on their own information and circumstances customers to best support you;
- Advise on preparing documents and documents to prove citizens belonging to the case of suspension of military service;
- Advising and answering customers' problems when customers fall into one of the cases of suspension of military service but wish to participate in military service;
- Advice on the case of having been suspended from military service once / many times but at the present time is no longer in the case of being suspended again (ie eligible to participate in military service, not belonging to the in case of not being granted military service registration, it is not eligible for exemption from military service);
- Advise and guide customers on the process, procedures, competent state agencies to resolve and handle cases of suspension of military service in accordance with the law.

5. Advice on the order and procedures for making complaints in the performance of military service

When working with state agencies, all people need to understand the order and procedures prescribed by law so that the administrative acts or administrative decisions of the subjects can be identified whether authority in state agencies right or wrong? This is also one of the measures to prevent and handle violations by competent subjects, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of all citizens, especially in the implementation of regulations the law of military service.
Thereby, if the clients has any concerns, doubts or problems with the decision of the competent state agencies do not know whether to comply with the regulations or not, now call immediately to our hotline for advice and answer specific issues related as follows:
- In case, competent state agencies, competent subjects have committed acts of violation, our lawyers will guide clients how to handle, or instruct clients to draft their own letter of complaint, letter of request to resolve violations to competent state agencies to protect the interests of clients. If clients have needs, we are always ready to draft letters, representatives on behalf of clients working with competent state agencies to solve legal problems for you in accordance with regulations. law.
- On the contrary, in cases where decisions, notices or acts of competent state agencies are carried out in accordance with the law, our lawyers and experts will advise and award like the provisions of the law so that customers can understand their problems, thereby giving the most accurate conclusions in the case, avoiding the case if implementing anti-exam acts Service cases may be administratively sanctioned, even subject to criminal prosecution in accordance with the law.
In addition, we also advise on the level of penalties for administrative violations or penalties when eligible for prosecution for criminal liability in case of evading military service, not participating in health check of military service regulation, not enlistment properly on military enlistment or other military service violations for customer reference.
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