Lawdata continously updates new legal documents. Especially with a team of specialized and highly qualified translators, Lawdata now offers all important legal documents in English as requestedby the clients.

Vietnam’s legal documents in lawdata include:

- Constitution, Laws, Resolutions of the National Assembly;

- Ordinances, Resolutions of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly

- Ordinance, Act, Order of the President

- Sublaw documents issued by the Government, Prime Minister, ministers and ministerial-level agencies, ie. Decrees, resolutions, directives, decisions, circulars and so on

- Guidelines in form of official letters issued by General Department Of Taxation and the General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs

Put into operation from 10/2009, Vietnam Lawdata System ( is the diverse, abundant legal document to meet demand of numerous researchers, managers, businessmen and individuals for looking up, updating the imformation about the state policies and documents promptly and accurately

Together with supplying the legal documents with convenient search tool, the lawdara supplies the users with many support utilities such as: Documents in English version, Look up the validity of the documents (Help identify whether the documents are valid or not), Look up the application time (Help identify when the documents are applied), Lawdata commits to supply the most accurate legal documents in English law to the suppliers.

Moreover, any individual or organization demanding for all legal documents can refer one of many service forms as needed. The forms include: subscriber service to look up new documents, Services of validity lookup, SMS Lawdata services (Messaging from mobile phones to receive the documents), Lawdata - Daily Services (Registration for daily use) or Free use of partial documents and so on.

Thanks for continuous improvement and utilities update to give effective, timely supports on the legal documents and law enforcement Vietnam, we hope that the website is a truthful address of internet users anywhere, anytime.

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Translated from: Dịch vụ cung cấp văn bản pháp luật (Tiến anh & tiếng việt)