Accordingly, to resolve these matters and make a fundamental change in environment protection, the Government hereby requests all Ministries, ministerial agencies, Governmental agencies, provincial People’s Committees to fulfill the following tasks: enhance the environment protection work at industrial parks and industrial complexes; improve the investigations on environment protection requirements in strategies, planning, plans, and projects for development; focus on environment protection in mineral extraction; reduce environmental pollution in major cities and river basins control strictly scrap’s import; prevent effectively ecosystem degradation and species reduction; raise the efficiency of state management of environment protection.

Vietnamese Fatherland Front and member organizations shall cooperate with local governments in encouraging the people to participate in environment protection; keep innovating methods to improve the quality and efficiency of the campaigns to encourage the community to participate in environment protection; intensifying the supervision and debate over the policies, measures, programs, and projects on environment protection; enable the people to exercise their rights and fulfill their responsibility to comply with the policies and laws on environment protection.

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