According to this Circular, organizations participate in domestic and overseas exhibition in order to introduce investment environment and investment results in Vietnam shall be supported 100% expense for exhibition organization including hiring places for national exhibition, expenses of electricity, water, decoration, design, necessary materials, printing and photocopy documents, document transportation, stationery, popularization for exhibition activities, hiring event company; supported 100% business expense for all objectives who are public employees of state managing agencies in the course; support ed70% business expense for all objectives receive salaries from state budget in the courses. Besides, for all the activities in support investors from countries having high potential technology resources to have specific regime for investors from these countries: Support at maximize 70% expense for Center’s operations in 1 year from the establishment year, including: expense for hiring office, buying necessary equipments, buying documents and stationeries.

Additionally, the Circular also supports 100% expenditure including popularizing, broadcasting on Vietnam’s investment environment; build directions, polices and strategies on investment promotion; hold investment promotion mobilization program in major places in foreign countries; to train officer of investment promotion directly under Ministries, industries, People’s Committees of provinces and municipal cities, management boards of economic zones, industrial zones, processing zones, high-tech zones and so on.

This Circular takes effect on May 05, 2013.

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