1. Consultancy on tax policy:
- Registration tax code
- Tax declaration
- Taxpayer
- Tax finalization
- Tax exemptions
- Receipts
- Complaints and denunciations.
- Common mistakes to avoid

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- Manual self-calculation, self-declaration, self-submission
2. Consultancy service - Set up initial tax records:
- Consult, prepare the file in the form of the tax authorities;
- Name of chief accountant, purchase of invoices, accounting books;
- Exposing and explaining dossiers at the request of tax offices.
3. Consultancy service - Monthly tax report:
- Report on purchase and sale invoices, balance purchase and sale vouchers;
- Make a monthly tax report using business software with 2D barcode;
- Print tax report (approved). Directly submit the tax report at the Tax Sub-department

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4. Consultancy service - Writing accounting books and tax finalization
- Accounting and bookkeeping by accounting software
- To solve arising problems, organize the archival of vouchers
- Report on inventory, supplies, goods, products
- Depreciation of fixed assets. Payroll

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- Balance sheet, account balance
- Accounting balance sheet. Month/quarter/year business results
- Cash flow statement (direct - indirect)
- Making financial reports at the end of the year - Finalization of CIT.
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