- Publication of the trademark application data in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property, if being accepted as to the formalities for the official opposition actions submitted by any third party in the 9-month period of the substantive examination;

- Substantive examination within 9 months from the date on which the application accepted as to the formalities to make a decision of refusal or grant of the protection, and simultaneously trademark registration data to be published in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property for appeal by any third party.

There is a provision for cancellation proceedings in following cases:

+ The person who has been granted a certificate was not entitled to apply for its grant and has not been transferred such right by the entitled person.

+ The right to obtain a Patent for invention or design belongs to a number of natural or legal persons or other entities, one of whom has not agreed to the filing.

+ The patent for invention or design incorrectly states the creator due to a deliberate misinformation supplied by the applicant

+ The subject matter of protection does not meet the statutory criteria.

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