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We use a combination of investigative methods: Investigation by sociological methods; Get information from legitimate sources; Analyzing, evaluating and screening information through legal and financial experts in the areas of client interest. Specifically, we provide the following information:

- Corporate finance information: When signing contracts with domestic and foreign partners, do you ensure that your partner is financially secure to ensure proper implementation of the terms in the contract? Please use the financial information provided by Minh Khue Law Firm. We will send you financial reports (in Vietnamese and English) in the latest years of any company operating in Vietnam market. Accompanying the critical evaluation of financial expert of MKLAW FIRM.

- Provide legal information of the business: MKLAW FIRM provides business status of the business (operating or dissolved business/bankruptcy);

- Search information for debt recovery, commercial dispute.
- Supervising the implementation of economic and civil contracts.
- Detecting fakes in civil-economic cases, forging accidents to receive insurance money.
- Verify, assess the capacity of past and present employees.
- Investigation of enterprise protection, supervision of detection of illegal business practices, trade frauds.
- Verification of the incident as required in the field of business, trade and labor.
- Gathering documentary evidence in order to find out partners (legal status, financial status, human resource capacity) to make decisions on economic contracts, cooperation and business measures. .
- And other information depending on the specific business.

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